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The big culture that small boss is badly in need of
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The small boss that the article points to, it is to point to medium and small businesses, especially civilian battalion enterprise and do poineering work model the boss of the enterprise. The enterprise dimensions of these bosses slants generally small, personnel is not too much, management is relatively non-standard, the enterprise grows, a lot of things of development are more defective, belong to " 100 useless wait for promote " level. The small boss that is in this phase mostly believe in " development just is hard truth " , to developing the problem that appears in the process, also be to which be short of to fill, without too much strategy and program. Face the culture construction of the enterprise especially, small bosses distribute kind of kind: One kind is " ignorant and dauntless model " : The small boss of this kind of type knows company culture far from why content, how should build, where is importance. So the culture construction of the enterprise also is mentioned with respect to have no way. One kind is " sciolistic " model: The culture that sees a lot of successful enterprises or entrepreneur is built, oneself also follow " draw a tiger with a cat as a model-copy " , create a few catchword and catchphrase, or from book, or the thing that copies bit of culture from other enterprise is assembled rise to undertake popularizing as the culture of own enterprise, small bosses are right these " culture " , sciolistic, the employee of the enterprise more canned be imagined. the development phase that small bosses think company culture is current to oneself generally, it is too big, the thing of the great void, aerospace. Small boss does not need these " big culture " . Be such really? If, xiaofu brings small bosses namely, also do not have too big ambition, culture is not badly in need of. Because this kind of Chinese small bosses are numberless as the sand, also pass moistly still mostly. If, small bosses do not satisfy the current situation far, dreamy some day becomes the big boss of Chi surprise wind and cloud, build in oneself enterprise as soon as possible with respect to need " 3 " culture -- the culture that approachs head, correct, dry head.

"Approach a head " culture is to show small bosses want to have " picture flat bread " ability, for what is demonstrate business development? What is the prospective foreground of the enterprise? If be stated with normal language, be an enterprise wish scene. Did not wish the enterprise of scene is not to big business forever. The truth is very simple, employee knows what the prospective development direction of the enterprise and foreground are far from, they have direction-sense and target feeling impossibly at all. Can " hit a bell one day when a day of bonze " , regard the job as the method that earn money. Actually, the person is living, need purpose and import, need drive prop up. Special, right " poor " the small boss of medium and small businesses, the salary of employee is average, welfare working environment is general, general, if brokenhearted prop up the word with motivation, the rate of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of employee will be very tall, more do not talk to go up to be mixed to the faithfulness of the enterprise go through thick and thin together. At that time, small bosses draw to future " flat bread " (cannot be boundless of course is Utopian) , will tell to employee, work in this enterprise namely go down, approach the problem of the head. The future that the person that Huang Mingtai this world can do poineering work Mr Huang Ming just did poineering work to give a company with respect to draw the outline of before long in oneself wishs scene -- the blue sky Bai Yun for descendants. This word is incentive how many employee and he does poineering work difficultly, in " the lid in desert had a house " . A lot of joining in emperor bright the agency of solar energy also was to get the impel of this word, think to be able to offer the company of this kind of catchword, it is marvelous enterprise certainly in the future, thereby of honor permits no turning back chose Huang Ming.
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