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How does 300 million Zhang calculate the evade taxes after Zong Qing
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On April 10, amount to what with a ha can breath out with child to close a negotiation time end.

On April 14, media explodes after giving child to with a ha breath out president Zong Qing, be suspected of escaping secretly individual income tax 300 million yuan of RMB.

With day, the person that evade taxes of the angrily rebuke after Zong Qing is informed against " amount to namely can person! It is Qin Peng (amount to can) of Chinese district chairman! "

Lively " of Da Wa contend for " had undertaken near one year. Now, to been make public " rip turn against " amount to can breath out with child, censuring each other is not news any more. And to this " evade taxes incident " , reporter discovery, no matter be angrily rebuke,amount to can after Zong Qing, still profess " performed duty " amount to can, and the duty Wu branch of lock oneself in, everybody did not allude " evade taxes is informed against " content and whether are its belonged to solid.

The doubt in people heart is: "Evade taxes incident " whether to belong to solid? If belong to solid, in " of Da Wa contend for " in after the Zong Qing of card of dozens of big from beginning to end affection, nation brand, will face again what kind of blame and punish?

"The cheapest CEO " evade taxes 300 million?

In " of Da Wa contend for " before be brought into the public, ever said oneself are after Zong Qing " the cheapest CEO on the world " .

On June 7, 2007, be in after Zong Qing amount to can " send after Zong Qing amount to can open letter of gentleman of the cloth in president and each trustee " in profess: "Just take the salary that is less than 3000 euro now. Calculate them (amount to can) the 1% bonus of the embellish of every annual interest of place acceptance (still made a lot of index, still must be deducted like short of or cancel) reach annual the wage allowance of 100 thousand or so euro, if can be taken in one's hand if, I think I also may belong to the cheapest president on the world to hold CEO concurrently. "

According to character of the place in the letter after Zong Qing, its oneself the year allowance of the monthly pay that income includes 3000 euro, 100 thousand euro, embellish of annual interest of adscititious and joint-stock company the bonus of 1% . Zong Qing hind professes in the letter, 10 years a gross income about 70 million yuan of RMBs.

"Evade taxes incident " after exposure, a lot of people oppugn: Zong Qing hind although really evade taxes, amount how so can tremendous?

Reporter classics understands know with all possible means, after can reaching its subsidiary and Zong Qing according to amounting to, sign " service agreement " , and " reward an agreement " wait for 4 agreements, the income component after Zong Qing is 3 parts: The first, salary and premium income, if he says him 10 years in open letter an income 70 million RMB; The 2nd, equity shares out bonus, basis an administrative unit in Xizang the open letter before this, joint-stock company " realized gain 1996 111 million yuan of RMBs, was 1.091 billion yuan 2006, increase 9.82 times. Accumulative total realizes gain 6.965 billion yuan, use at allocating 6.034 billion yuan, amount to among them can distribute an extra dividend 3.077 billion yuan " , also hold in joint-stock company as a result of Zong Qing hind, also can win corresponding share out bonus, the hold after basis an administrative unit in Xizang is celebrated 14% right-and-left share, 1996, 2006, ancestor from inside share out bonus of several companies equity accumulative total obtains capital to be controlled in fifteen million and fifty-six thousand eight hundred and seventy-six dollar; The 3rd, abroad accrual, from amount to can in light of proof of come-and-go of bank of respect exposure both sides, 1996 - 2005, the accumulative total after Zong Qing is obtained " the service is expended " eight million four hundred and twenty-four thousand one hundred and eighty-three dollar; According to amount to the service agreement that can sign twice 2003 at was being mixed 1996 with Zong Qing hind and award agreement, amount to can in order to counter-purchase name of equity of much home subsidiary, the equity of the counter-purchases cost, 8 million dollar service fee that 40 million dollar pays after Xiang Zongqing, 23 million dollar shares out bonus, gross 71 million dollar, amount to is 500 million yuan about into the RMB.
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