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Head steel is in Peruvian had taken twist 15 years
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Head steel is in Peruvian had taken twist 15 years
As price of global industry raw material rise, exploit a mine abroad the option that becomes increasing China company. By 1992, head steel group bought the company of Peruvian and state-owned iron ore that is close to closing down, become one of Chinese companies that step door going abroad the earliest. Peruvian mining industry investment seems to bring the rose of thorn only, temptation also has bramble, head company of Peruvian iron ore had taken steel 15 years so namely course of rough cobbly harships. A few days ago, " round-the-world times " the reporter walks into a steel to be located in Peruvian company, listen to the setback that they tell about 15 years and joyance.   

Head the small plane of steel secret iron can take off in naval airport directly

Head steel head office administer a steel is Peruvian iron ore Inc. (iron of secret of abbreviation head steel) it is South America the biggest China mining industry invests an enterprise. Head area of steel secret iron ore is located in be apart from Peruvian capital Lima with south the Yi Ka of 525 kilometers saves Nasika city Maerkena area. Arrive from Lima drive car Maerkena, along south about 6 hours went to travel of Pan American highway. Here and world-renowned Nasikade draw apart the car Cheng of a hour.

Maerkena is a beautiful and halcyon harbour little wall, at present 13 thousand life is here alive, among them the worker that 8000 people are a steel secret iron and family member, the others is the new immigrant of fisherman and young village. Head every corner that the blacktop of the 30 much kilometers of steel investment laid leads to this little wall, often can see receive the regular bus that sends a miner freely to had sailed. Head the family member of company of steel secret iron is uptown distributing trimly according to alphabetical order inside little wall. Mining area highway and Pan American freeway are linked together directly, the company is had but berth the each district of world of haven be open to navigation or air traffic of steamer of 200 thousand tons of bulk, company small-sized plane can rise in naval airport directly fall, traffic is very convenience.   

Head the predecessor of steel secret iron was 1953 the company of mining industry of Ma Erke accept that American establishs. Peruvian 1975 government controls this company homecoming to have, established company of Peruvian iron ore. Because manage not to be pooh-poohed, the enterprise is close to closing down. December 1992 head steel head office bought companies of such an an awful mess through bidding, bought secret iron the equity of 98.4 % . 1993 head when company of steel secret iron begins to run, the infrastructure of the company is in basically break down condition, product line of 8 mine pink can have normal operation only, the equipment such as other power shovel, borer, crusher cannot be run completely or be in extreme difference condition. At the beginning of taking over, head the dominant position that steel develops the field such as manufacturing organization and manpower resource adequately, throw capital rehabilitate, newer equipment, make secret iron fast bring the dying back to life, should produce per year a quantity to raise 5.258 million tons by 2.848 million tons of 1992.   

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