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The China inside 3 years weighs hopeful to make the world forging of the biggest
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The China inside 3 years weighs hopeful to make the world forging of the biggest casting produces base
From our country large equipment created company of arms of the person at the head of a procession recently - - the first heavy-duty machinery of Chinese group company (China of the following abbreviation is weighed) know, be opposite to satisfy home the demand of large casting forging, change our country depends on the situation that abroad supplies for a long time in this domain, china already invested 2.3 billion yuan to begin to build the world's top-ranking casting forging to produce base again, predict 2010, china will produce per year forge cast steel again 60 thousand tons reach 70 thousand tons, become the world's biggest casting forging to produce base.

In recent years, grow quickly continuously as economy of our country countryman, the demand that each industry equips to great technology is increasingly pressing, and these great technology equipment all contain a large number of figure content of complex, technology the large casting forging with special function of tall, material. And home of these large casting forging all cannot be satisfied, formed the situation that long-term support abroad supplies. Accordingly, accelerate the large casting forged steel with construction top-ranking international to produce base, narrow our country develops the difference of respect and abroad in large casting forging as soon as possible, occupational technology commanding elevation strengthens since China manufacturing industry the core competition ability, need that has more speech right in domestic and international competition, it is the need that assures safety of national economy prosperity, national defence more. By 2007, china is weighed " construction international is top-ranking base of casting forged steel and large casting forging are homebred turn technical reformation project " obtain a country to develop innovation appoint give an official, make this plans to enter executive phase.

As our country the biggest large scale computer that gives priority to body in order to produce the heavy-duty equipment such as steel rolling, metallurgy, v, power station, petrifaction fetterses equipment creates a company, china returns to already had one-time production molten steel of 700 tons of class, one-time pouring the ability that sheet weighs forging of 200 tons of steel ingot of 300 tons of cast of above of 500 tons of class, class, class. Hopeful fact produces per year molten steel now this year 250 thousand tons, forging 120 thousand tons, cast steel 30 thousand tons. Current, tonnage of technology of one forging of heavy large casting, production already resided the world the 2nd, already signed contract of close kiloton of container of nuclear voltage force and evaporator forging in succession now, nuclear report forging completes outlet 20 million dollar. Together with builds base of research and development, Dalian building to produce base in Tianjin again, have advantage of national project research center and the scientific research such as one heavy technology center, talent, equipment, to make the world top-ranking casting forged steel produced base to lay solid foundation.

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