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New generation applies at the clean technology of polymer fuse-element filter
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New generation applies at the clean technology of polymer fuse-element filter
Brianlongworth     (Longworthgroupofcomparies, england)
Summary: The clean technology of new generation Deecom that masts Ongworth company of 薼 ancienting name for a water catltrop is used at polymer fuse-element filter and law of check proved recipe. New technology can reduce moving cost and public project to use up, the influence; that reduces pair of environments can achieve the craft that heat up solution and Teg chemistry in the cleanness of polyester fuse-element filter the level of clean craft, what can be used at the fuse-element filter such as polyamide, polyethylene and polyvinyl alcohol is clean.
Keyword: A surname holds  of strontium Si Qian to be like? clean craft, law of check proved recipe
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The increase rate that in the past all sorts of aggregate products in 10 years taste is unprecedented, among them the biggest be benefited the area is an Asia.
As the great progress of chemistry and engineering, people is ceaseless capable to use the new product that new method will come to produce polymer of a few types, pet grows a the fastest kind among them namely.
Apparent, no matter chemistry is in go or will come, having important effect to the development of polymer industry. Engineering design, equipment and safeguard a service to also having great sense to end item, include polymer filter among them. The maintenance of filter includes cleanness and examine technology. These craft domains perhaps are considered as " have a technology only " domain, because its included to design, make and technology knowledge, it is to be based on commonly very strong " inheritance sex " carry out experience.
"Have a technology only " it is practical, can help people establish actual cause and the level that should use everyday, can be quantified and suit is actual, can achieve the goal with cost and efficiency photograph correlation. The advocate Johnruskin with famous England was published in 19 centuries about " cost and efficiency " when the paper, put forward " have a technology only " viewpoint. the classification to all equipment and service, this is the viewpoint of sex of a mark.
The cleanness of filter and examine the technology is considered as important least of all research project, because think,its are the technology that does not produce beneficial result. The member that craft is designed often thinks, "Some things we are must be done and do not know why to want to do " . This is unreasonable apparently.
In fact, those are done not have enough take seriously cleanness and examine the problem that technical company affirms to meeting faces production and product quality.
Be in the place that a lot of our survey cross, hope clean technology also can use the filter property with correction poorer quality, often be returned to those have the person that grooms through major hardly by overspend; in producing a course consequently, and they can explain far from examine technical requirement.
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