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Chinese sugar mellow industry develops an overview
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The development course of Chinese sugar mellow industry

Sugar mellow industry is amylaceous, farming the difficulty of a technology of by-product deep treatment compares big, equipment to ask to compare tall, professional stronger branch, compare as deep as other starch treatment so, start in our country later. It starts at going up century 70 time, develop at the beginning slower, when entering 90 age, candy is mellow year of total crop just tens of thousands of tons. But recently ten years, of the change as structure of our country economy and product of light industrial, chemical industry and medicine high grade change, sugar mellow industry enters the age of fast development.

Shan Lichun occupies the 80% above of output of candy mellow product. The hill pear mellow industry of our country arises the earliest at 70 time, as the rise of industry of C of our country vitamin rapid development rises. Passed arrived 1992 the high speed development 1995, 1996 structural adjustment to 1998, develop quickly afresh again in recent years. A batch of technologies advanced, dimensions reasonable, management the enterprise with good, abundant financing, show itself in competition of domestic and international market, become the main force of mellow industry of Chinese hill pear; One part enterprise carries new product of technical reformation, development, was on fewer but better enterprise to develop way, obtained good economic benefits; Also have quite poorer, dimensions passes one share requirement small, cost exorbitant or the company stop production that has other reason is adjusted.

Current, situation of total bodily form of alcohol of countrywide hill pear is very good, its are behaved, it is development rapid, mellow crop of countrywide hill pear 25 thousand tons from 1992 (fold 70% plan, similarly hereinafter) , amount to 500 thousand tons to 2006, occupy world front row. Among them Shandong birthday Guang Tianli, productivity has achieved 250 thousand tons, shan Lichun crop achieved 130 thousand tons 2005; In addition, liuzhou benefit amounts to crop to also exceed 130 thousand tons, luogaite (the harbor that connect the cloud) productivity also will obtain the company this year 125 thousand tons, these a few enterprises entered the world's biggest Shan Lichun to produce a business, meanwhile, the Qin Dynasty Hua Ying of Huang Daoli Hua, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang east benefit of county of Zhao of harbor, Heibei civilian dimensions has achieved 60 thousand tons of above. Multiform pulverous shape and the Shanli with crystal horniness are mellow, total crop has achieved 20 thousand tons of above. The 2 traditional markets that are Shan Lichun stabilize development, especially our country Shan Lichun market is main one of clients vitamin C is produced, since 2000, in the get victory in international market competition, at present total crop exceeds 100 thousand tons, need Shan Lichun to exceed 300 thousand tons. 3 it is domestic Shan Lichun quality has greatly rise, had achieved international advanced level, the manna mellow content in the Shan Lichun that for instance vitamin C uses, at the beginning of the 5% the left and right sides, 90 time from the earliest 80 time 3% the left and right sides, current fall already generally 1.0% the following, some achieving 0.5% the following. Toothpaste uses prevent frostbite problem of Shan Lichun to had been solved, can be in 0 times 15 ℃ , half month does not written guarantee aspic; 4 it is industry technology level had very big rise, each use up index to have drop substantially, if 70 % Shan Lichun is hydric,use up, because high pressure enters the adoption of makings technology and hydric loop technology, fall already generally 90M3 is the following; Three-phase activator applies generally, mellow activator of pear of every tons of hill is used up also already from in the past 2 ~ reduce 1 kilograms 2.5 kilograms the following, fold nickel to use up some fall go to 0.4 kilograms the following. 5 it is industry equipment standard rises greatly, the adsorptive device that make hydrogen has replaced electrolysis to make hydrogen, 12MPa in the round of the boiler of hydrogenation of magnetic force agitate of taller even pressure use, system of the application that high pressure receives bed of flow of makings system, imitate, successive ion exchange, laminose heat exchange is many effect evaporator, advanced compress, indicating level of technology of mellow industry of pear of our country hill is already adjacent international is advanced level.
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