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Shenzhen China fills successful road to seek satisfaction
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Hua Cheng group is virgin at going up century 80 time, the Hua Cheng that holds water from 1980 is mechanical (Hong Kong) limited company develops up to now, hua Cheng group established Hua Cheng filter early or late (Shenzhen) limited company, Hua Cheng (Singapore) private limited company, Hua Cheng filter (Shanghai) original mechanism of limited company and Yu Chaihua (Yu Lin. Research of market of Hua Cheng group, development, make, sale at an organic whole, many beauty are won in filter industry praise. Recently, this net is special president Mr Liang Zibin that invites this group, had a special report.

President of Hua Cheng group Mr Liang Zibin

In happy atmosphere, bridge president introduces to us: Research of market of Hua Cheng group, development, make, sale at an organic whole, assemble the elite personage of industry of our country filter, the filter of brand of Hua Cheng WS of own research and development, the material with high quality and the careful chemical industry below Japanese expert guidance art, already won many beauty in the person of the same trade praise. After passing attestation of system of QS9000/ISO9001 international quality, hua Cheng group had great improvement more on technology, character and craft, produces filter has the honor to win an industry for many times inside " 10 big brands " , " famous brand " title.
Now, filter of Hua Cheng WS applies already extensively at compressor of machine of gas turbine, car, project, air, dynamo, air to purify wait for an industry. Hua Cheng group was brought into to be gas turbine association to organize a member by organization of national electric power 1994, be appointed to be gas turbine filter to supply manufacturer. Inchoate to light implement the filter of turbine form a complete set all by forestall of place of power of 7 big industry, hua Cheng group leads the support with the technologist and guidance through burning Electromechanical factory each, product besides satisfying its function adequately to ask, return refresh the acceptance of use time, even place of product of form a complete set of a few former factories cannot be likened to this. Now home the environmental protection with the newest international of 80% generates electricity equipment chooses filter of Hua Cheng WS to undertake maintenance. Filter of Hua Cheng WS is in the most valuable generate electricity equipment safeguards an industry to have serious place, representing a client to be opposite not only Hua Cheng group and the support of Hua Cheng filter and self-identity, still indicating light machine filter homebred changed a process to stride a new milepost.

"10 beautiful brand " certificate

The sale of filter of Hua Cheng WS spreads all over Hua Dong, China the area in Na Hehua, have in home market have higher rate. In the meantime, the foreign market of Hua Cheng group also is quite capacious. Reach Euramerican area from southeast Asia, it is middle east area even, filter of Hua Cheng WS has certain famous spend and beautiful praise degree. It is no matter still be in abroad in home, hua Cheng group conquers all the time hard with sincere letter the market, acceptance is brave in to bear the consequence that causes because of the quality problem place of the product. This is not empty talk, example is card: Hua Cheng group once the service mass problem because of the product, to domestic client one-time compensation 400 thousand yuan of RMBs; Also Ceng Yin a mere value the sealing ring of 1 wool money and to Spanish client one-time compensation 40 thousand yuan of U.S. dollor. Hua Cheng group not Wei compensates for incident at speaking, because write down the history closely to teach a lesson only, ability innovates ceaselessly and progress. On the other hand, be brave in only clear fact, ability takes the client's credit, ability gains the market. Now, the product of Hua Cheng group had bought global responsibility to be sure, below the ternary safeguard of safe, acceptance and character, the commerce of Hua Cheng group is run, can make more and more global clients confident.

Product of share of Hua Cheng group

Hua Cheng group holds to with " improve continuously " regard whole as working principle. The situation that existence of effect of net opposite filter affects certainly is protected outside be aimed at an inhaler, development gives technology of the type that wind a string, reduced a product to use instruction not only, and saved cost. This craft had won national patent. In addition, the group absorbs the outstanding craft inside international industry and practice actively, conform for the craft of will homebred product and quality and international trade demand and be the same as international brand product " compare relative superiority or inferiority " , jointly with group technique elite, be studied hard and develop more the product with environmental protection, stronger, more high grade applicability. Hua Cheng bloc is entire an active play creativity, improve existent work segment and condition actively, in order to improve work efficiency.