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Clean sureness of outstanding mortify exercise to benefit the internal organs ha
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Hui Cong net: Very glad to can interview you. We understand, beijing clean the ground will be professional tomorrow pursue water treatment equipment and material development, make, sale, service the company of new and high technology at an organic whole, in countrywide water treatment the bound enjoys very tall reputation. Ask you to talk about the development course of the enterprise and current situation?

Wang Shijie: Clean bright company was built 1994, should be to hit up to now spelled time 12 years. I often am met so say, clean is 12 years this of bright company " feel climb boil dozen " come out. What thing is " doing look to wear, look is worn look at, looking at, feel stone to cross a river, feel " . In clean bright the office is OK everywhere sees 4 words: "Sincere letter, assiduous " . Alleged sincere letter, what sincere letter begs is associated cooperation, you should have sincere letter only, others is willing to cooperate with you; So assiduous, can fill frequently clumsy. Because of poineering initial stage, we are very much the thing does not understand, won't, china has an adage, clumsy birds have to start flying early-the slow need to start early. Do not say to after flying first, fly, can discover oneself defect in time conscientiously at least. Sum up ceaselessly, improve. Actually, "Sincere letter, assiduous " accompanying clean all the time bright company advancement, development. This also is the experience that accumulates summary to come out ceaselessly in company ceaseless development. Come down 12 years, clean Ming Conggang begins to trade, do a project; Do wholesale, to now transition is pure do product production. We basically devote oneself to the research and development of new product now, the production of the product, confront China's numerous engineering company, strive to offer the product of content of high quality, hi-tech for them.

Current, clean bright the manufacturer house that has 6000 square metre, product line of can without lid of 3 glass reinforced plastics, disk type filter produces workshop and the lab of 200 square metre. The sell on commission that the company offerred perfect major to the technology serves and form what comprise by many 200 agency to cover the throughout the country serves a network.

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