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Instantly conduct financial transactions from management " risk " begin
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Stock market trend: The Olympic Games still can continue to rise before

29 days are in and in salon of dispatch conduct financial transactions, asked association of division of program of Beijing conduct financial transactions to groom with channel of dispatch conduct financial transactions central director Mr Zhang Guodong. In speak of Chinese stock market next go when situation, he says: "Will tell as me, I am right of grail of below one phase go situation, I think to should have a prices, grail dropped so much, and to now this kind of circumstance falls, actually this person that run runs basically, so cast pressure can say to be in short period very small. There is bought power only below this kind of circumstance so, affirmative meeting has the factor that rise. At the same time we can open an Olympic Games August, before the Olympic Games, I believe to have a lot of board piece can accompany this chance somewhat movement. So I feel grail can have corresponding prices. "

Fund " we bedding bag! Fund " we bedding bag!!

Grail dropped, fund also follows suffer a setback. A lot of base the fund in civilian hand also follows shrink, face such situation, base civilian be at a loss what to do. How do we visit division of conduct financial transactions help us analyse:

I think is such, above all you do not ask others, still should distinguish Hunan yourself first, the investment that has a look at yourself fund occupies you after all how much is deal of whole family property, if you did not come to yourself 3 years two in the fund that should use is devoted arrive among fund, I think you are about to decrease a storehouse now, you will come to that is to say after 3 years two to use the money of one part to want to decrease, because this stock market can go up after all after 3 years two, can drop, fund is accrual or deficit, everybody says to not be clear about, you are badly in need of used fund to prevent to your be in 3 years two, want to undertake reasonable protection above all, analyse you next the rest money can hold how long, if can hold 5 years of above, I think to buy stock fund more reasonable. If hold not so long, I suggest you reduce a risk even, put on bond fund to had been compared.

Are there a lot of credit cards to you still can have a risk in the hand?

Credit card, basically having an effect is to accumulate credit, in foreign credit system it is to had comparatived perfect, your credence is taller, the financial service that means you to be able to be enjoyed in the future is taller also, your reliability is taller also. The credit card of our home now more I think to be accumulated in credit above still be deficient in somewhat, more behavior means that are a kind of consumption. Will tell as an Everyman, I feel to have a piece of credit card is give no cause for more criticism, it can have effect of a lot of jury. At the beginning we give everybody respecting, there should be a daily a shot in the locker above all when everybody makes economy, how many should this have? We think it should be 3-4 lunar expenses of the month. E.g. you every month needs to spend 3000 yuan, at least should be put inside your hand have 10 thousand yuan of daily a shot in the locker. This is to prevent what certain disaster perhaps breaks out circumstance moment to use to appear.
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