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The expert instructs you 7 court let you buy a house not be out of pocket
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NO1: The bank is vane

Whether does media often exist nearly one year in argumentative estate market " bubble " , is house price high be low? This problem still is keeping economist people go discussing. As buy a room to live oneself or investor can need not be in charge of price of what income house to compare, empty without necessary canal also buy is led how to calculate. Common the means that buys room person to see the market is very simple, that sees the attitude that the bank borrows money to buying a house namely, the bank is freehanded, explain the market is valued; Bank closefisted, explain market risk is increased. The manner of the bank is truer than the expert's word, accurate, reliability is taller.

NO2: Referenced and average value

Often listen to a few people to tell average value to drop, because,be grow in quantity of some kind of house, do not explain house price fell really. The person that holds this kind of point of view said to be opposite only the surface of the problem, however oversight the true intention that average value reflects. Grow in quantity of some kind of house is representing the demand of the market, more the policy that reflecting a government is oriented. Cheap house grow in quantity, those who suffer influence be the first to be affected is costly room certainly.

NO3: Buy go up to be not bought fall

Estate investment and other investment are same, do not think oneself can touch the price bottom line of the market. If not be to live urgently, money still should be managed when house price drops all the way wait-and-see good, aux would rather the market begins tall when cannot buy minimum price, also do not have the mentality that copy a copy.

NO4: Society " seize an opportunity "

Want to make money on estate market, like be the same as other market, also should be good at sometimes " seize an opportunity " . The estate business that if one can build the building,is over is done " in-house subscribe " , because formalities has not done, place so that appropriate, do you wish not to wish to try? A house has open to booking licence, land uses card to did not do, dare be you bought? Should learn to buy at the same time anticipate, the way that knows which have to go to the lavatory for instance should be built or meet stand with the subway photograph adjacent, not be to wait for a house to had been built buy again, and had better be buy before it begins construction.

NO5: It is the cheapest to choose buy

Different businessman, have different sale technique, expensive house is not fine house certainly. Some develop business hope small profits but quick turnover, compete through the price occupational market, some development business decide the value higher, think to sell 50% can get small profits but quick turnover sells the effect of 90% passing, they aux would rather sell 50% . Accordingly, when choose of the person selected that buy a house buys a house, if be " do not beg best, beg only most cheap " if, of lowest of the price in buying the house with same area about the same character, photograph antagonism drops force wants a few stronger.
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