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NO1: The bank is vane
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Be in as Beijing estate market in April with each passing day hasten is firm, a lot of accurate clients that buy a house begin to move to buy a house. With commerce loan photograph is compared, interest rate goes up a first selection that slow accumulation fund loan makes everybody. Here, the professional personage of department of research of 3 class market is Beijing Central Plains 4 doubt that the person buy a house of Beijing explains to accumulation fund borrows money.

Where to do accumulation fund to borrow money

The accumulation fund that should refer oneself to the unit that oneself are in above all is capture existence what branch, the branch that puts according to him place capture next, what him recombine buys a house be located, him choice runs the relevant department of loan.

To accumulation fund capture existence runs a department each or the loan applicant of center of Beijing railroad cent answers to buy a house according to its place be located the branch that the position will come to to choose to apply for accumulation fund borrow money.

To existence of accumulation fund capture office of the state central divides loan applicant of the center, can divide site of agency of central precatory bank to put forward loan to apply for to central state office.

To accumulation fund capture mechanism of directly under of existence Central Committee of Communist Party of China divides loan applicant of the center, can arrive in straight cent center offers loan application.

Loan specified amount is spent have why to restrict

Above all, capture puts the housing accumulation fund of the concerned loan that should accord with loan center to set condition;

Next, loan applicant must establish account of housing accumulation fund 12 months (contain) above, in the meantime, normal capture puts sufficient specified number housing accumulation fund 12 months (contain) above (normal capture is put include to press month of successive capture to put, ) of accumulation fund of housing of prepay, filling capture, and capture is in to retain position when application borrows money. Agree to be being examined and approve via the center, be in the unit of delay capture condition, its worker is being satisfied establish account of housing accumulation fund 12 months (contain) above, and normal capture puts sufficient specified number housing accumulation fund 12 months (contain) below the condition of above, can apply for loan.

The 3rd, both sides of borrower husband and wife all borrows money without the housing accumulation fund that has not pay off and pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange of sex of policy of housing accumulation fund borrows money.

Additional, still need to notice, the loan time limit of borrower is the longest can calculate borrower 70 one full year of life, do not get more than 30 years at the same time.

Spend to loan specified amount, specified amount of loan of housing accumulation fund is spent with borrower accumulation fund capture puts the forehead, application loan fixed number of year, head pay amount, place buys housing acreage relative, had better seek advice from relevant accumulation fund administration, the personage that looks for major helps you calculate. And current and character, odd pen loan is highest the forehead is spent it is 600 thousand yuan; Individual credence evaluates the credit grade of orgnaization assess to be AA class but rise 15% , namely 690 thousand yuan, the loan applicant of AAA class, loan amount but rise 30% , namely 780 thousand yuan.
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