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Fiber filter is used at sewage to answer used research
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Be in short supply increasingly and increase of water requirement of resource ceaselessly as fresh water, a lot of cities that lack water and area can be developed without new fountainhead use, of sewage reclaim to already made one of effective step that resolve shortage of water natural resources with reoccupy. 2 class processing gives urban sewage treatment plant content of stability of water quality of water water quantity, contaminant is inferior (0. 1 % ) , via groovy coagulation. Filter. Alexipharmic craft can satisfy the requirement of industrial circulation cooling water, and the 1 / that this part water consumption took urban total water requirement 3⋯ . Fiber filters is a kind of when in recent years development rises efficient, economy filter and answer with the technology, have filter goodly precision and moving stability. The fiber filter that this experiment uses is with soft fasciculus filter medium, used filter current and the change that clean current pressure and direction, make fiber can be tightened from dynamic pressure when filter, when cleaning automatic and loose, answer used end in order to obtain foul water. The plant of some town sewage that is in Shandong begins research, gave water to make filtering directly answering using coagulate with garrulous to the 2 class of sewage plant, filter an used research.
2 material and method
2. 1 test data
Internal diameter of area of dimension filter work is 300mm, tall 1700mm, allow actuating pressure to be less than 0. 6MPa, medium temperature is less than 60. How to become of 22 spin inside the canister bundle nylon fiber, two end secure the flower within the canister board over. Set into water, give water, recoil to wash wash a water into water, recoil, into gas and exhaust 6 passageways, all can pass valve adjustment discharge, installation has pressure to express, detect moving pressure. The sketch map of equipment and working process are shown 1 times like the graph.

2. 2 analysises method
Water quality index writes according to organization of bureau of national environmental protection " water and liquid waste monitor analytic method " undertake detecting.
3 results and discuss
3, 1 2 class give water to filter directly
3. 1. 1 filter fast with water quality giving water
The opposite stability that considers user water consumption and fiber filter handle simple actual case, contrasted equipment is in different filter fast those who fall is direct filter circumstance of water quality giving water. The filter that expresses the data of 1 to show fiber filter fast limits is very wide, in 10, 20, the filter of 30m / H fast fall to have good water quality giving water, SS giving water all is under 10mg / L, average purify rate is in 60 % above, filter fast smaller, chroma giving water is lower. The fasciculus that this is the low flexibility as a result of hydrophily, Gao Pengsong is in hydraulic next automatic turn rounding are compressed, close together crisscross forms fiber silk filter layer. And the fraction that ply of squeezing ramming area takes thickness of whole filter layer only, makings is close-grained and the filter of upside is lower relatively loose, form good filter makings pole matchs, make filter layer has interstitial rate tall filter the advantage with small obstruction, filter makings increases than expressing an area, adsorptive performance improvement, cut corrupt the capacity increases greatly. Although be in the filter of 30m / H fast next suspension content in also holding back water effectively, will not because of high speed current cut action and bring about suspension content penetrable filter
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