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The element sifts filter filter core transform
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300kt of day China Inc. synthesizes ammoniac plant from 1995 put into production, cold box is running the discovery after period of time, its export craft to enrage waste gas difference in temperature to rise stage by stage, expand machine imports and exports presses difference to increase stage by stage, affect the normal operation of cold box badly. Cycle of run has most time cold case only 2 months left and right sides, excise cold box to blow up every time blow sweep will make synthesize ammoniac reduction of output 350 one 500t. Online blow up blow sweep not only the risk is bigger, and use up numerous manpower material resources, also put in not small influence to the moving life of cold box equipment. Mix to cold box for many times expand after machine answer is lukewarm, check cold box inlet tube to, discover more element sifts dust, expand the oil that machine and its conduit also discover not little dust and minim. The analysis expands machine exit guides drench platoon deflate is comprised, eliminated to expand the reason that content of the water in machine leakage oil and technology vital energy exceeds mark to cause cold box to run difference.
Hind classics for many times analytics card, understanding of the design that through the synthesis to identical type ammoniac plant element sifts, moving circumstance is compared, element of equipment of upper reaches of final discovery cold case sifts filter (the short circuit of F-4A/B) , causing an element to sift dust to take person cold case is the main reason that guides frigorific box operating mode worsens.
2F-4A/B structure characteristic reachs the issue of existence
2.1 structures
The graph shows Jian Luru of F-4A/B design construction 1 times, population craft. Gas passes filter core to filter into the person from A nozzle after dust, after from B nozzle is poured out of, clean gas goes to cold box, cold box designs use filter core to look number is 10u formerly, material is AISI316 character, every amount in all 74. If the graph is shown 1 times,filter core installs means inside equipment, every filter shares 37 filter core to tighten solid drag link, every install two filter core on root pull rod, press upper cover board next, screw fixed bolt, two end use every filter core one gets together gaskets of 4 fluorine ethylene.

A problem of 2.2 existence
1) filter core uses series connection of a pull rod to install 2 filter core, this kind of form is put in 7 on every pull rod sealed dot, core of every filter filter shares 74x7=259 sealed dot, quantity of sealed check the number is much, the odds of leak is taller.
2) because F-4A/B place susceptive is to hand in change load, because this is in the process that join movement,in fluctuation connection of two filter core is in easy happening wrong edge, bring about the short circuit of filter.
Core of 3) filter filter two seal face, be by sealed face plate and inside framework spot welding is fixed, the parallelism precision of two end panel is not tall.
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