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Oily oar filters the technical application on catalytic cracking device
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Machine raw material to be changed character again as catalytic cracking. Yield of catalytic oily oar is bigger and bigger, problem of oily oar of the platoon outside how be being solved is attached most importance to especially should. The property of catalytic oily oar is very special, constituent is given priority to with stiff annulus aromatic hydrocarbon, do not contain long side catenary commonly, average member quantity is very big, be in 500 the left and right sides, than decompression residuum slightly light, very few reoccupy will make feedstock oil. Use as oil of fuel oily constituent mostly. Because the solid matter foreign matter of certain quantity is contained inside oily oar (advocate if be reached by activator grain,adhere to what go up in activator is colloid comprise) character with bitumen, more solid content not only aggravate to cop and equipment erosive, and still can have jam the danger of furnace mouth. Affected the quality of fuel oil badly. Accordingly, if can filter the solid content in oily oar, with respect to the quality that can improve oily oar, utility becomes more extensive, raise the add cost of oily oar product thereby. Oily oar filter is one kind can filter the solid content of above of the 5 μ in oily oar the turns an operation continuously solid juice that come down is detached equipment.
1 device current situation
Branch of Tianjin of Chinese petro-chemical Inc. (abbreviation Tianjin branch) catalytic cracking device designs ability 1. 3Mt / A. Raw material with oil of candle of straight heat up in a steamer (VGO) is given priority to, refine of additional mix into the cooking candle of 20 % is oily (the decompression residuum of CGO) and L8 % (VR) . At present charcoal of raw material incomplete is actually 0. 6 % , slightly under design level. Instead again and again the system uses American round-the-world oil to taste company UOP technology, two implement to be the same as tall paratactic type, reactor uses MIP engineering technology. Second birth implement the buy before the form is scorchs coal tub type, activator is in scorch inside coal tub complete second birth.
During be being operated smoothly, catalysis installs content of content of solid of buy oily oar to be 6-9g / L, density is 1020~1060kg / M. Content of content of oily oar solid is tall, character is poor, come for years outlet problem is manufacturing difficult problem all the time. Can small scale regards fuel oil as oil of constituent of constituent oil or cooking raw material. Be changed character again as what process raw material and what oil tastes resource is in short supply, of oily oar product use integratedly be mentioned with development schedule. The problem of freeboard of solid content content that technical key is oily oar of the platoon outside wanting to solve. For this. Tianjin branch Technical Division is on the foundation of sufficient survey. The system of oily oar filter that has patent technology at deciding to build 1 set in catalytic cracking device 2003.
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