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Filter purifies the application in solid fluid depart in rare acid
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The unit making acid that golden prosperous smeltery has 3 series uses processing abstruse type wheat is special the production of cupreous smelt flue gas of furnace and converter is vitriolic, produce per year ability of 98 % H2SO4 to be 420 thousand T. Among them, I series makes acerbity device purify working procedure to use heat insulation to evaporate, craft of cleanse of rare pickling of flue gas direct cooling, main equipment has demist of report of heat exchanger of tower of empty tower, efficient syringe, filling, board type, one form implement; 1I series makes acerbity device purify working procedure to use heat insulation to evaporate, flue gas moves secondhand craft of hot rare acerbity catharsis, main equipment is available tower, filling tower, cold implement, demist of one form report implement; Ⅲ series makes acerbity device purify working procedure to use dynamical wave heat insulation craft of cooling, rare acerbity catharsis, main equipment has refrigeration of syringe of wave of one class motivation, gas to combine demist of report of tower, two form implement. The design uses acid thick for 5 % ~ the rare acid of 15 % is purified, the purpose is to drop flue gas temperature, the dirt in eliminate flue gas, acerbity mist and harmful material (the) such as As, F, because the rare acid after purifying gets pollution, one part (abbreviation abandons acid) should move provenance manages, return for the most part use.

Because accept the flue gas condition, restriction that purifies flow and equipment, 3 series should move everyday give useless acerbity close 3 000 M0 to handle, with the solid impurity in the rare acid after eliminate is purified. Of use tradition sedimentation when groove undertakes fluid departs originallying, because sedimentation the area is small, the liquid is inside groove retention period is short, before grain of great part solid is sinking, with respect to Qing Dynasty be gettinged on fluid takes circular chamfer inside, the result is caused on one hand sedimentation groovy underset (corrupt acerbity) the quantity that contain residue is low (I) of / of 1 ~ 2 G, filter press is pressed not taphole child; On the other hand, suspension grain content moves along with flue gas hind, from demist of circular chamfer, report implement eduction, cause environmental pollution, the shower nozzle of empty tower often appears jam, the E on influence R often is produced.

Ancient bronze mirror the 10 circumstances that purify rare acerbity catharsis, Ⅱ of CN of try out of decision of golden prosperous smeltery one 3300 model filter (1) replace sedimentation the useless acid that series of groovy processing T purifies working procedure empty tower to come out.

1 CN filter

1. 1 job principle reachs its structure

CN filter is used inclined board garrulous coagulates adsorption of layer of particle of precipitation, high polymer filters technology, cut of content of float of will useless acerbity horizontally pivoted hung stays, implementation solid fluid is detached. Its job principle is: ① and garrulous coagulate the useless acid after the agent mixes is inside filter by fall and go up classics is inclined board sedimentation, among them deposit of content of great part in suspension is fought to mud in fixed eduction; The adsorption layer of high polymer particle that the grain with fine ② enters upside along with liquid rise and be stayed by cut, clear fluid nature is passed, pour out of from overflow mouth; ③ is used compress air to undertake turning over washing, when recoil is washed, fill the gas cavity of filter interior first enrage curtilage, thereafter abrupt drop a hint body, make filter interior is in negative pressure condition, quickness of upside clear fluid is down irruptive filter medium layer, clean exterior deposit, avoid to filter jams and written guarantee dirty, filter for a long time in order to assure the effect. Equipment is structure of integral glass reinforced plastics, its sketch map a few Piao pursue 1, 2, 3.
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