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Barrel type filter
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The product explains: Use a field: Pharmacy line of business: Among needle of big infusion, water, medicine body take off charcoalFilter, drench bottle machine, ferment pharmacy of fluid of fluid, profess to convinced, biology, Chinese traditional medicineFilter. Change industry: Exceed fine product (like activator, exceed fine magnetic particle) waitFilter; Chloric alkaline when go up with soda ash production or the nicety of 2 brineFilter, chemical fibber production, cooking production andPetrifactionProduce the liquid to decoke that go upFilter; Heavy metal liquid waste (chromic, copper, nickel, zinc, lead) the nicety that waitFilter; Vitriolic silicon, hydrogen peroxide solution, fluid is alkaline, phosphoric acid, methanol, alcohol, acetone, vitriolic acerbity natrium of aluminous, chloroform, double chloric ammonia, sulfur ammonia those who wait is clearFilter. Feed moral cause: Mineral water, beer, liquor, yellow rice or millet wine, beverage those who wait is clearFilter; Environmental protection industry: LargeWater treatment(contain waste water of fluorine, sulfur, phosphor, acidity liquid waste, painty liquid waste, the nicety of the suspension content liquid waste such as emulsioni paint liquid wasteFilter) ; The nicety of wildcat affusionFilter; Remove dust the nicety of catharsis liquid wasteFilter.

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