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Disk type filter
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The product explains: Disk typeFilterMachine is extensive use at the industry such as chemical industry, food, medicine, oil to contain solid to measure relatively inferior filtrate processing. Be byFilterChamfer of package, filtrate and actuating device are comprised 3 times partly. ItsFilterThe characteristic is by multilayer disk type filter comprisesFilterPackage, layer of the filter at the beginning of have the aid of or filter aid form beforehand coating, can undertake successiveFilterObtain clean fluid; Air of classics of filter broken bitsFilter-pressOr blow after working, get person solid state, again byTransmissionThe orgnaization leads movementFilterPackage makes high speed rotate, the filter broken bits that swings from eduction of bottom pneumatic big valve. Reason this equipment is a kind of utility extensive, operation simple, structure is distinctive, FilterEfficiency is tall advancedFilterDevice.

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