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Horizontal lamina filter
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The product explains: Lamina of DB series levelFilterMachine be a kind energy-saving and efficient, automatic airtightFilteraccurate and clear equipment. The solid liquid that it uses extensively at the industry such as line of business of chemical industry, oil, food, pharmacy, wine, refine sugar, alkaline course of study is detached; Active carbon decolourFilter, activator reclaims, catharsis is dry second birth, except bacteriumFilterReach syrupFilter. [characteristic] 1, airtightFilter, do not have any environments to pollute. 2, cover an area of an area small, the operation is convenient. 3, design of filter disc level, filter cake forms stability, FilterThe effect is good. 4, centrifugal cuttings pick-up, clean and rapid, the discharge broken bits that gets used to a variety of viscosity stock andFilter. 5, meshCleanNeed not tear open easily outfit, can undertake inside airframe. 6, wholeFilterThe process can implement automation.
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Supplier list:
[Jiangsu province] Jiangsu east state machinery limited company
[Shanghai] Pieces Shanghai is big pass filter equipment limited company
[Jiangsu province] Appropriate starts machinery plant of profit of town essence of life
[Jiangsu province] Appropriate promotes city Chang Hua to filter equipment limited company

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