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Be in charge of type filter
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The product explains: PG series PE provides formFilterMachine be by tigidity poriferousFilterThe micron form that medium makesFilterEquipment, but one-timeFilter0.5um-100um controls stick fine stock, attainable filtrate is clearFilterThe effect. Characteristic: FilterPrecision tall, limits is wide, can satisfy differentFilterAcid-proof, alkaline, salt reachs precision requirement   all sorts of organic dissolvent, content of avirulent, insipidity, as good as falls off   vertical structure, cover an area of an area small   operation is handy, treating capacity is big, investment expenses low   is used compress second birth of air or cuttings pick-up of recoil of “ air-water ” , also but chemical second birth, service life grows filter core.
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Supplier list:
[Zhejiang province] Square of sea peaceful town filters equipment equipment plant (filter, filter) Fine of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Bin - 0573-87016345
[Zhejiang province] Sea peaceful city grand filters equipment limited company
[Jiangsu province] Nantong is capable purifier timber plant
[The Anhui province] Without Xi Taihu petrifaction installs equipment plant - Ming Yan group
[Shandong province] Nuclear industry Yantai starts industrial limited company together

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