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Board type is airtight filter
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The product explains: Board type is airtightFilterMachine it is the advanced technique that draws domestic and international congener product, combine the precision that our country national condition designsFilterEquipment, it is having extensive application in the industry such as chemical industry, coating, oil, food, pharmacy. This facility construction is distinctive, bulk is small, efficiency is tall, FilterCost is low, use operation is convenient, the characteristic such as free from contamination.
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Supplier list:
[Jiangsu province] Nanjing Xiong Kai filters technical limited company Wang Zaixiong - 025-66989516/17/18
[Jiangsu province] Appropriate promotes city Chang Hua to filter equipment limited company
[Shandong province] Lai state city gets the better of machinery plant of dragon chemical industry
[Shandong province] Machinery plant of chemical industry of female dragon of Lai state city
[Jiangsu province] Huadoujin belongs to city of Jiangsu province river the net brings a plant
[Jiangsu province] Appropriate starts machinery plant of profit of town essence of life

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