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Board casing filter
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Board casing filter
The product explains: This machine is stainless steel multilayer board casing typeFilter-pressMachine, apply to chroma 50% the following viscosity are inferior, the liquid with the less quantity that contain residue is made airtightFilterIn order to achieve extract, the sterilization, requirement that clarifies filter waiting for essence of life, half essence filter, choose film of small aperture filter directly, but not classics small aperture is filmyFilterImplementFilterCan achieve asepsisFilterpurpose) . This machineFilterThe area is big, discharge is big, suitable scope is big, there is extensive use in the industry such as pharmacy, chemical industry, food so, apply in fluid of medicine of pharmaceutical factory injectionFilter, the effect very beautiful. Structural characteristic: This machine is divided outside deserving to use electric machinery, other parts all uses 1Cr18Ni9Ti or 316L is high grade anti-corrosive stainless steel material is made, apply toFilterAll sorts of PH are worth soda acid solution, this machine application pressurization is airtightFilter, filtrate loss is little, FilterQuality is good, efficiency is tall. FilterThe part is comprised by 10 filter plate, FilterThe area is big, turnover is big; And but basis by filter the different production technology of solution (first filter of filter, half essence filter, essence of life) requirement, change different filter film, reach a basis to the volume that user pull current measures can decrease appropriately or increase filter plate number of plies, made suiting gives birth to the need that produce, because this machine has one opportunity multi-purpose the characteristic with wide suitable scope; Filter plate uses planar whorl meshy form, the structure is advanced, changeless form, easyClean, grow the service life of all sorts of filter film effectively, be reduced thereby and managing production cost, the stainless steel transfer pump that this machine deploys, its deserve to use electric machinery small, bad news report is saved. Baseplate remove theatrical makeup and costume has rubber tyre, the operation is convenient, mobile and agile, can use for shift.

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