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Shallow talk about filter type selecting to reach use error
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Summary: The article basically introduces the type selecting of the filter in hydraulic pressure system and the viewpoint of a few mistakes that in be being used daily, often appear and method, put forward reasonable type selecting to reach accurate use method.
Keyword: Pollute control; Filter; Type selecting; Use; Error
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Hydraulic pressure filter regards pilot of pollution of hydraulic pressure system as main component, its design type selecting is reasonable, use daily (safeguard) the safety that matters to a system whether correctly directly and dependability. And in applying actually, type selecting of a lot of user opposite colander and use still existing a lot of error, do not try to correct the normal and reliable work that will affect hydraulic pressure system.
The type selecting error of the filter in system of 1 hydraulic pressure
1 . 1 error one: Filter of oil absorption of choice high accuracy already can effective protection pump, the wears away to affect pump thereby performance characteristics of meeting aggravate pump mixes the grain contaminant that can make sure because oily fluid is medium,systematic cleanness is spent again life, big grain contaminant still can block dead pump possibly, affect systematic safety, reliability badly. Accordingly, some users chose filter of high accuracy oil absorption, think its can protect pump to be able to make sure systematic cleanness is spent again already. But, because filter of high accuracy oil absorption bore to cross much contaminant and easy jam, bring about pump oil absorption not free, as a result is sucked empty, those who quicken pump wear away, affect systematic safety badly. So, of oil absorption filter pressure fall should undertake be controllinged strictly. System of general hydraulic pressure can consider to install filter of low precision oil absorption to protect pump, and be in try to protect to filter is being installed before the component with sensitive contaminant, affect in order to control grain pollution to its. For the most effective in intercepting and capture loop, wear away because of component or the pollution that the outside invades, the proposal installs the filter that answer oil to try to control, spend in order to raise the cleanness of whole system. Answer conduit, gasoline tank to undertake be cleaninged thoroughly before the system runs at the same time, with making sure its are oily fluid pollution is spent. Pollution spent the oily fluid of so whole system to basically get controlling, protected pump to also protect whole system already.
1 . 2 error 2: Of filter rated (nominal) the actual flow that discharge is a system
The rated discharge of filter is oily fluid viscosity in t of 32 c s when, the discharge that the place of clean filter core that in the regulation primitive obstruction leaves passes oily fluid. But in applying actually, because use medium to differ with systematic temperature, oily fluid viscosity also can change at any time. If press rated discharge and actual flow 1 : 1 chooses filter, when viscosity of systematic oily fluid is largish, oily fluid will increase through the obstruction of filter (if 32 hydraulic pressure are oily,its viscosity is t of 420 c s about when 0 ℃ ) , the pollution that achieves filter even jams hair dispatch implement the value that send message, filter core is thought to jam. Next, the filter core of filter is to belong to fragile, be polluted gradually in the job, filter material is actual and effective filter the area decreases ceaselessly, oily fluid achieves pollution very quickly to jam through the obstruction of filter hair dispatch implement the value that send message. Such, filter needs to be cleaned often or change filter core, increase the use cost of the user.
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