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Big discharge filter fastens the application of all in power plant condensate
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Summary: Heavy repair in aircrew (or small long) hind the phase that start, solid grain can disperse as the loop of lunt in the system, deliquescent foreign matter is become below the temperature with be in certain, pressure and PH worth requirement. And the solid impurity that controls the main source that serves as deliquescent impurity conduces to the content that reduces ion of deliquescent condition metal. Quite deposit in the system meeting forms iron ion of the amount corrode below dirty, ion of series of iron, silicon is in turbine and boiler conduit P low-pressure section also can form deposit. Through be being compared to function of a few kinds of filter, effect, reach the big discharge filter that uses production of American PALL company is OK and effective purify solid grain. Analysed its economic benefits.
Keyword: Electrical engineering technology Power plant chemistry Solid impurity Big discharge filter Cold conditions is started
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1 general situation
Limited company of power of Jiangsu benefit harbor has one at present, 2 period aircrew of project 350 MW 4, 3, 4 period the project is in construction, among them one, 2 period condensate system handles equipment without condensate. Odd stage coagulates pump discharge 875   TPh, entrance temperature 32. 9   ℃ , pressure head 2. 16   MPa, export pipeline opens way 300   Mm.
2 starts the necessity that earlier condensate handles
The condensate processing when aircrew cold conditions is started moves to the safe economy of aircrew having very big effect. When cold conditions is started, the solid form content such as the ferric oxide in condensate can form dirty of dissolvability material knot, cause dirty next corroding. To keep clear of these material, need lengthen to start clean time, ; of many blowdown still needs to burn oil for long to maintain the low negative charge of boiler, still existing even the problem of to grab bear sacrificial lunt character, affect the security that aircrew runs and economy badly.
In condensate system, about the metallic contaminant of 90 % above is solid grain shape, and among them the majority is iron, its grain size basically is 6 ~ 15   μm. When accordingly aircrew is started, must make be handled except saline essence or filter to condensate solid form content, american EPRI asks to contaminant content control is in be less than less than of 10 ×10 - 9.
3 handles plan to compare
The tramp iron separator that home uses at present, the effect is poor, fault rate is tall, utilization rate is low. Traditional line is circled and filter of gush frit type, because cover an area of an area big, pressure difference is big and change filter core is very troublesome, its are used have very big limitation. Because de-ironing efficiency of these two kinds of forms is not tall, also be washed out gradually.
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