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Explore the way of innovation, make ethical brand
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The day establishs filter press limited company to found at1986Year, day of professional production “ establishs ” card to filter equipment. Unit of insider of company of branch of machinery of depart of association of industry of Chinese general machinery, ISO9001Quality runs systematic attestation company. Have two plant area of Wen Zhou, Shanghai, manufacturing area8More than 10000 smooth rice.

20Year come, the day establishs a company to carry on “ to spell meaning of rich enterprising, acute to develop the drive of ” from beginning to end, hold to “ to be with the person this, science and technology is banner the management guiding principle of ” , won a lot of honor, be judged to be financial condition “ early or lateAAALetter of user of ” enterprise, “ has gotten ” of company of star of unit ” , “ to wait, won multinomial country patent.

The company is forerunner with the market, hold to own development and introduce union of photograph of domestic and international advanced technique, rely on extensive talent resource and abundant technical actual strength, devote oneself to to filter the research and development of equipment and make. Main product has: Enhance polypropylene compartment type to help style of filter press of board compartment type, diaphragmatic compartment filter press, board casing filter press, automatically filter press, sealed model filter of chipboard of mill of compartment type filter press, yellow rice or millet wine, board type (ZL200820081888.6) , stainless steel filter of filter of diatomite of board casing filter press, stainless steel, vertical high accuracy (bearing exceeds oily filter of essence of life ZL2005201017345) , vertical mill (ZL200820081887.1) wait. Product structure it is reasonable, good to operate convenient, sealed property, work efficiency tall, alkali resistance, acid-proof, avirulent, type beautiful, hard usage, apply extensively at the industry such as chemical industry, pharmacy, metallurgy, dye, food, refine sugar, brew, pottery and porcelain, environmental protection.
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