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Of filter of diesel engine particle pressure fall to disseminate characteristic
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Of filter of diesel engine particle pressure fall to disseminate characteristic research with sound
Gao Wenzhi Feng is matutinal Liu Jianguo Guan Shunji
(Combustion of Tianjin university internal-combustion engine learns national key laboratory Tianjin 300072)
Summary: Ti of Liao of illicit of  pine encouraging bing4 ru4 gao1huang1 dash forward 9  of  ⒘ is like? of box of  of Jian accept  to announce sound wave transmits the rule mediumly in atomic filter, the structural measure that considering atomic filter affects a foundation to go up to sound wave transmission, built the acoustics model of filter of diesel engine particle, calculated the insertion of atomic filter caustic estrangement passes a loss. The pressure loss that had atomic filter on steady flow testing stand and discharge test experiment, applied measures data to calculate the permeability of atomic filter. Be in what atomic filter checked in lab of complete noise elimination to insert a loss at the same time, the test result and computational result have contrast, proved the validity of acoustics model.
Keyword: Ti dash forward 9  of  ⒘ is like? pressing to fall; of; acoustics character inserts loss; propagation constant
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Foreword in recent years as consciousness of people environmental protection strengthen, internal-combustion engine discharges code stricter and stricter, the diesel engine that asks to hold loaded vehicle by American environmental protection to 2007 is atomic (PM) discharge capacity the 0.134 g from now / (k W · h ) reduce 0.0134 g / (k W · h ) . Europe and Japan also discharge what hold loaded vehicle strictly code, reduce diesel engine particle to discharge substantially. Discharge code to satisfy so strict diesel engine particle, filter of particle of exhaust emission of use diesel engine is indispensable. The document that concerns filter of diesel engine particle in recent years is very much, it is the material about atomic filter for the most part, pressure fall, second birth, particle decreases to wait for a problem with life, very little to the acoustics and characteristic research of atomic filter, and filter is met in the occurrence in exhaust system the effect with the exhaust noise very important generation to the car, how sex of the filterability of filter of particle of give attention to two or morethings, noise elimination and economy are the key that optimizes design particle filter. Use waste gas filter to reduce exhaust noise to cause extensive attention more and more in recent years.
Filter of diesel engine particle is a kind of beehive structure that makes by the cordierite of pottery and porcelain that contains a lot of beehive aperture or carborundum, after the one aspect of the matter that exhaust manages from mouth unit above all enters filter, be forced to pass pore wall again the back end eduction from filter. The meeting after waste gas passes atomic filter makes exhaust noise produces bigger change, accordingly, to car investigator, an inherent problem namely acoustics and characteristic problem is a great challenge. Although the document about filter of diesel engine particle is very much, however, acoustics function forecasts a comprehensive and reasonable report filter to still be lacked with the document that designs a concern, because this studies sound,the transmission character in atomic filter has great sense [1-5] .
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