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The structural principle of dry filter reachs trouble removal
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The structural principle of dry filter reachs trouble removal
Rong Yu
In system of air conditioning refrigeration, the action of dry filter is the moisture in absorbing refrigeration system, the impurity in resisting a system makes its cannot be passed, prevent refrigeration system pipeline happening ice is blocked up and dirty. The place that jams the most easily as a result of the system is capillary (or expand) of a powerful person, accordingly, normally installation is in dry filter condenser and capillary (or expand a powerful person) between. Air conditioning implement the dry filter that use dry filter uses than freezer is thick and short. Desiccator of dry filter abbreviation, have dry filter and filter two kinds.
Structure of 1. dry filter reachs working principle
Graph the 1 knot composition of a picture that is dry filter. Its crust is to use binding off of violet copper pipe to shape, interface of two upright pass in and out has with diameter and different diameter two kinds, it is thick gauze into end, give end to be fine gauze, filter effectively foreign matter. The molecular sieve with moisture absorption admirable character is installed to serve as desiccative inside, in order to absorb the moisture in refrigeration agent, in order to ensure capillary expedite work normally with refrigeration system. Pass because of absorbing water when desiccative much and when invalidation, should undertake in time changing.

Another kind of filter is shown 2 times like the graph. It also is with dry filter, via make friends pressing craft shapes, but contain only gauze, and without desiccative. It is installed in refrigeration system on the relevant component of capillary front or pipeline, or installation expands in the electron end of pass in and out of a powerful person, with the solid impurity in collect refrigeration system and lube, prevent system and capillary and expand a powerful person jams, ensure pipeline system is expedite.
2. trouble removal
Dirty many account that produces breakdown for dry filter and filter. Its breakdown phenomenon is behaved mostly in filter crust by tepid become cold or dew of frost, knot, bring about be not worth to evaporator feed flow. When crust does not have difference in temperature, be jam completely, with capillary the breakdown phenomenon when jamming completely is identical. Dry filter, filter and capillary when jamming completely differentiate very hard, can disconnect only refrigeration system, through observing its exhaust decided.

Mix when dry filter filter is small, when be being blocked up completely, its expression is: When refrigeration circulates, the condenser outdoor does not have sirocco eduction, indoor give blast tuyere to change normal temperature. At this moment compressor movement is depressing. Stop machine hind to disconnect near desiccator capillary or take-over repeatedly, be like capillary or join runs side can eduction is enough gas and desiccator side does not have aeriform eduction, decide jam for desiccator (filter is identical also) , it is conversely capillary or join is in charge of side to jam. If decide,dry filter or filter jam, it is solder issues desiccator or filter changes commonly new.
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