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The development of filter of cooking rich air reachs application
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The development of filter of cooking rich air reachs application
Hao Tianzhen
(Refinery of dark blue city, dark blue city 061000)
Summary: Introduced the development of filter of cooking rich air in refinery of dark blue city and application. The result makes clear, use 2 filter parallel connection, switch is used, use bedding face of many fold type to accumulate core of accept dirty filter, can make filter core clears cycle is lengthened to 2 months above, the purify rate of the grain that 5“m is more than in cooking rich gas is more than 9O, make device grows cycle to move smoothly.
Keyword: Industry of filter of defer cooking rich air applies
1 preface
Defer cooking technology is one of effective ways that heavy oil changes gently character. As degree of exploitation of old oil field rise and the market increases of demand ceaselessly to crude oil, heavy qualitative oily source is increasing, cooking machined craft to be taken seriously adequately. Level land differs to be put in anxious pink to carry a problem in the product of cooking device. Cooking steam derv sets machinery to filter before entering hydrogenation plant establishment, and filter technical application is already mature. And the influence to follow-up device did not solve the anxious pink that carries in cooking rich gas well all the time, the cooking unit that did not absorb stable system especially is more outstanding. 3 cooking device designs oil refining of branch of state of dark blue of Chinese petro-chemical Inc. A of / of process capability 500kt, did not absorb stable system. The anxious pink in cooking rich gas moves to the normal production of downstream device produced more serious effect, main expression is: ① causes soil of agent of to decoke of device of aeriform to decoke epispastic, make desulphurization effect drops; Jam cent coming back implement fluid photograph reclaims cop, cause desulphurization agent to run in great quantities caustic; ② makes mouth of fire of gas of cooking device heating furnace and long bright lamp jam, cause furnace outlet temperature adjustment is difficult, serious when cause the chamber of a stove or furnace possibly still to shine explode accident; ③ jams dry gas makes hydrogenous device activator bed layer, shorten the start working of device is periodic; The appearance that land of ④ different level creates the above-listed unit is taken press conduit to jam, create news lack fidelity, affect safe and smooth operation.
Run what the level asks to rise as device, to lengthen start working cycle, use filter subtly reducing an accident is the measure with feasible economy. Undertake for this decision the research of this task is developed.
2 plan are decided really
The congener circumstance that travels together to home above all undertook survey, link the current situation of device and demand, put forward oneself design train of thought, signal flow sees a picture 1. Main content is: ① uses 2 filter parallel connection, one clears another normal job, mutual switch. ② filter core is used but the stainless steel material that airtight backflushing clears is qualitative; Should filter difference pressing increases 24. When 5kPa, executive backflushing discharge is operated. When ③ backflushing, will be shut by a powerful person of imports and exports of the filter of backflushing first, open remove press a powerful person to be removed to torch system pressure; Remove pressure finish, close remove approach valve, open backflushing valve suddenly (had better be ball valve) , the gas after support filters is in charge of the pressure of the net to carry out backflushing; After pressure is balanced, remove again pressure, again backflushing, complete backflushing operation a few times repeatedly. Backflushing is the most high frequency second press an one second design. ④ backflushing or a few backflushing hind undertake discharge ash is operated, nitrogen replacement is used a few times first before discharge, next by ash of discharge of discharge grey mouth, discharge ash operates frequency second by highest a day of one second design. Treating capacity of ⑤ cooking rich gas presses 8 000m. / H(standard reference conditions) design, equipment bear pressure 1. 6MPa, operation temperature 45 ℃ . ⑥ anxious pink is taken off except rate 9O, filter core precision is decided for goods manufacturer by equipment.
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