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Centrifugal mechanism of city of Home Zhang harbor builds a plant
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Centrifugal mechanism of city of Home Zhang harbor builds a plantIt is professional production centrifugal tool industry. From the history that built a factory to already had up to now 25 years 1978. My factory product suffers supervise the manufacture of of quality of product of Shanghai centrifugal institute, the product carries out national GB/T13755-92 " condition of technology of 3 sufficient centrifugal " with GB/T13755-92 " centrifugal of 3 sufficient type basic parameter " standard. This product spreads all over more than 20 province, city of countrywide, municipality in home market. Developed southeast Asia market in 80 time in succession, 90 time are occupational the market of hamster.

My factory has abundant technology to develop power, indefatigable pursuit of more than 20 years and exploration, brought up a batch of collect development, design, make the team of technical qualified personnel at an organic whole. Took the lead in obtaining centrifugal norms of production to have in course of study of person of the same tradeSS3 is sufficient go up discharge centrifugal, SSC3 is sufficient sedimentation centrifugal, SX bottom discharge centrifugal, Centrifugal of SB whole sealing, SD condole takes centrifugal, PSD flat centrifugal, SGZ drawknife is full automatic centrifugal, The hand shakes drawknife centrifugal, Centrifugal of LGZ vertical drawknife, LWL horizontal solids discharge by scroll conveyor filters helix of centrifugal, WHS-800 horizontal is pushed makings centrifugal, lab centrifugal, clean model centrifugal, explosion proof of ZSB straight couplet is airtight centrifugalWait for a product. Be like to centrifugal of tailor-made norms model additionally: Depart of grease of cheese spin-drier, 3 sufficient centrifugal spin-drier, scrap, vacuum makes pen centrifugal wait undertake machining custom-built. At the same time my factory still can provide the maintenance of equipment of depart of centrifugal, spin-drier, fluid waiting for solid, supply centrifugal fittings all the year round.

When my factory founds 25 years, company general as always, with high grade product, reasonable price, considerate service, enthusiastic sureness ground and new old client cooperate, welcome incoming telegram of domestic and international broad user to case wholeheartedly negotiate, seek advice. We will gain the reputation of the user with high grade product, admirable service makes a client satisfactory.

Shen Huan centrifugal, achieve again brilliant!

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