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Manufactory of machinery of China silver of new country city
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Manufactory of machinery of China silver of new country city is subject Henan is new countryside China silver-colored group, it is the company of new and high technology that home develops production milkings machine the earliest. It is the professional manufacturer that produces all sorts of oil purifier at the same time. Force of my plant technology is abundant, equipment is excellent, come more than 20 years the product is popular countrywide each district, tens of domestic company subordinate such as as unconscious as magnate of domestic milk estate ox, Yi Li, 3 deer suckle station form a complete set. Reap group of lug of mechanical head office, China, good fortune with China at the same time the home such as group of Tian Ji group, Liu Gong, Zheng Gong, 4 smooth, constant bavin is famous enterprise form a complete set, quality reachs domestic advanced level.
Companion opens a process as policy, the enterprise develops ceaselessly, already was one has fixed assets close ten million at present yuan, cover an area of an area to amount to the medium-sized and outstanding enterprise of more than 27000 square metre, become domestic plurality to accuse milk refrigeration canister to produce base.
Come a few years, ever was named to be outstanding enterprise, key enterprise, optimal enterprise, one stage business, quality to be believed so that pass unit name by municipal government for many times continuously. The product quality with my excellent factory and high grade service, won the reliance of the user.
China silver spirit: Work with perseverance, yong Panxin is tall.       
China silver catchword: Always pay close attention to customer demand, ceaseless and promotional client is satisfactory.     
China silver criterion: Assiduous deal with concrete matters relating to work, honest be as good as one's word.     
Hua Yinzhe learns: Most those who treasure is employee, the most precious is an user, what cherish most is companionate.     
China silver target: Contend for the person that do an industry to precede, move toward the China silver of the world.     
Manufactory of machinery of China silver of new country city is your Achates forever, welcome broad user to come!

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