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Oily machine of filter of nicety of electric power of China source of new countr
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My company is a collect development, scientific research, trial-produce and production manage oil of the colander that is an organic whole, filter machine major produces manufacturer. The enterprise holds water 12 years to come, extensive all have collaboration with unit of institution of higher learing of and other places of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, scientific research, can absorb the newest advanced technique of domestic and international congener product ceaselessly. The product applies extensively at the whole nation the industry such as force of a few home appliance, oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, carriage machinery, tobacco. The person that advanced engineer, engineer reachs record of formal schooling of above of undergraduate course, three-year institution of higher learning in the enterprise, 80% what hold worker number, technical force is abundant, have stronger development, design and entrance product to turn homebred the ability that influence.
My company has top-ranking production to reach detect equipment, advanced management reachs management general plan, perfect quality hierarchy of control. China source person with " top-ranking quality, reasonable price, admirable after service is a tenet " . Production of 96 successful development goes out, in order to keep clear of the YJL series of water of the oil of lube, turbine, emulsification in fighting oil of fuel, transformation, free water agglomerates oily equipment of detached type filter, have the broken breast, function that remove water strong, efficiency of second birth system is tall, filter miscellaneous precision is tall, maintain a volume small, energy-saving wait for a characteristic. Via try out of power plant of Shandong Wei mill, by science of China north electric power the academy is detected, its effect is achieved or exceed domestic and international advanced level. The closest enterprise trial-produce goes out agglomerate oil purifier of negative pressure type, it is union vacuum and agglomerate the characteristic of oily machine of detached type filter, each take a strong point, the oily equipment of new generation filter that mutual confluence makes an ideal, solved problem of water of the emulsification in oil basically, it is at present filter oily equipment changes ideally product.

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