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Transducer is analysed in the application in centrifugal
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Detached machinery is the facility that has liquid and solid grain mixture depart, main cent is the equipment such as centrifugal, centrifuge, filter press, oil purifier, filter. Detached machinery is the aftertreatment equipment in technological process commonly, matter to the quality of end item directly so. Look from whole, photograph of advanced level of level of technology of our country centrifuge weapon and abroad is bigger than existing difference. Main expression is in: Centrifuge instrument breed, norms is little, cannot satisfy home completely to produce need, depart especially stock viscosity the machinery with big, fine precision, efficiency the detached and mechanical great majority with tall degree of big, automation depends on tall, productivity entrance; Detached mechanism and applied technology research are backward, speed of new product development is slow; Workmanship is backward, manufacturing efficiency is low, product reliability, stability is poorer, technical level and automation level are inferior; Equipment of form a complete set and material cannot satisfy the need that centrifuge instrument product produces, especially the quality of the product, dependability is very flabby calm.  

From the point of the development of detached machinery, digital communication transducer will replace original electromagnetism timing, dc timing, hydraulic coincidence timing, many fast electric machinery, and the main actuating device that makes detached machine stage by stage. The tastes ACS550 transducer newly to fetters in centrifuge design that what the article will introduce is ABB company and application.

ACS550 is ABB company newest the intelligent sex transducer that roll out, this series transducer is used at low pressure of 0.75KW ~ 355KW to communicate transmission. It controls speed and torsion accurately, can match electromotor of existing asynchronous of standard squirrel cage. ACS550 has kind of 3 kinds of control, namely control of scalar quantity V/F, without sensor vector control, torsion is controlled, so this transducer can agree with not only the simplest electric machinery runs, also can apply in complex working circumstance at the same time. Its reliable overload ability is designed, also can satisfy common load and burden job at the same time.  

The drive electric machinery of detached machinery divides drive of the electric machinery that it is sheet and drive of much electric machinery commonly two kinds, the article is in transducer of main introduction ACS550 the typical case that the application of centrifugal of 3 sufficient type mixes the typical case that regards odd electric machinery as drive to acquire drive as much electric machinery lies the application of snail centrifugal.

2, the transducer application in centrifugal of 3 sufficient type

Centrifugal of 3 sufficient type is a kind of structure the vertical centrifugal with the widest face of very simple, strong to the adaptability of stock, application. Cent sedimentations model and filter model two kinds big. Application is most is to filter model centrifugal of 3 sufficient type. It namely can comfortable at detached bead diameter only the fine grained of amount to micron, also can be used at becoming an article take off fluid. Through adjusting the continuance time of each unit operation of cargo handling, it is difficult to can be used at depart to filter all sorts of suspension fluid with easy different degree, through adjusting the time for washing of filter cake, can satisfy different catharsis requirement. This kind of type basically applies to medium or small scale of production, but because have afore-mentioned a lot of advantage, apply extensively at pharmacy, chemical industry, light industrial, spin, food, machinery to make so wait for industrial department.
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