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Agency of machine of filter of leaf of beautiful of Jilin city rich
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I am in what friend of distribute Jilin city fills centrifuge mill to filter equipment, this factory is professional production filters the manufacturer of equipment. Already had history of 15 years, have be engaged in filtering the equipment research, development, professional technology personnel that works more than 40 years.
Solid of XAST series diatomite board strainer wins a state practical and new-style patent, patent person Tan Jisheng is selected " directory chooses Chinese creation and inventor " reach " big dictionary of Chinese contemporary inventor " , 2002 my unit by income " almanac of Chinese credit company " , 2004 by China " in light product quality ensures a center " affirm for countrywide quality reputation double safeguard sets an example unit.
The enterprise is had perfect stronger machinery, productivity of product of form a complete set, can satisfy the client special requirement to product and specifications.
Solid of diatomite of patent product XAST board strainer, through appraisal of achievement of relevant science and technology, pass city class machinist quality of general component commodity controls line of business examine reach detect.
Get through producing practice for years user reputably, the product sells past Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, northeast respectively the countrywide each district such as 3 provinces.
The formation of the market is it is premise with credit, credit is the intangible assets with the most valuable enterprise, credit is the pass that enters the market. Below condition of normative market economy, very difficult make it trades the principal part that lacks credit, of failure trade to have the opportunity that live and expands impossibly. Our catchword is " the person does not stand without the letter, course of study is not put without the letter " , we always hold to the life that quality is an enterprise, sincere letter is the enterprise is reached those who be an upright person is essential, acting on an user is sacred, everything is the principle of user consider, so we have collaboration happier the user with stability.
We will taste quality with reliable yield, perfect after service and favourable product value serve each new old clients, welcome you to use my factory product, we can serve for you wholeheartedly.

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