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Investigation shows 32% inland student attends a college is live to improve pare
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"Father mother: You are good! I am the closest the body is good () general () bad () ; Study is tired () general () not tired () ; Rich () lack cash () ... " this is a letter from home that a mother keeps for the son that reading an university. This mother tries below the letter annotate: "The child, the letter that did not receive you very for long. You everyday busy, the likelihood is not considered go up the letter is written in the home, mom has written this letter for you, you want the case according to oneself only, it is OK that in the picture in bracket Gou Ji comes over, I and your pa also were at ease. I and your pa also were at ease..

"The undergraduate must not lose that heart that be thankful. " a netizen issued such criticism.

Be in the 10th " challenge cup " take part in the match in work, the name is " be thankful parents, illume close affection " teach kind of work fetching all the more attention, the classmate such as the Xue Xiuli that comes from Heibei project university, Xie Zhilong uses scientific method, undertook investigating inside 7 universities of countrywide different area, extend investigation questionnaire 800, reclaim effective questionnaire 629, made " be thankful about the undergraduate close affection lacks the findings report that break " .

Investigation shows, the undergraduate of 62.0% remembers parental birthday clearly, the undergraduate of 17.8% remembers the birthday of father or mother only, the undergraduate that has 21.2% more does not remember to parental birthday.

According to Introduction Xue Xiuli, heibei project university was organized recently " an a letter from home " call for paper activity, a few undergraduates are passed take part in the match, begin to make epistolary means express right afresh of parents appreciate, confess and the affection that ashamed remorses. But also one part student is opposite " keep a letter from home " support the attitude that object. "All sorts of communication establishment are so all ready now, give the letter is written to waste time more in the home. " an undergraduate expresses.

Investigation shows, the undergraduate of 90.5% chooses to use phone and parental connection, only the undergraduate of 7.9% chooses epistolary means and parental connection. 72.9% students never had said to parents face to face " I love you " or the other and similar word that expresses feeling directly, among them the schoolboy is occupied 78.7% , the schoolgirl is occupied 21.3% .

The undergraduate thinks, the tradition that is Chinese reservation caused what the child and parents communicate to decrease, "Although want to be contacted with parents sometimes, but time compares insecurity again, think the means that uses the sort of convention and they communicate, but take the first stroke of a Chinese character to also do not know what to say temporarily, appear even the condition that carries a pen to forget a word. Great majority person still fulfils give presents parents on the assiduous study, actual action that masters knowledge " .
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