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The Youth League explores a variety of communication form form to build teenage
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On November 17 one big early, come from Henan week mouth go into town Jiang Anbing of Wu industry young person comes to Tsinghua university, as go into town delegate of Wu industry young person, attend by what hold in the center of the group " committee member of delegate of National People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and adolescent ' face-to-face ' " activity. Jiang Anbing is current in the iron in Beijing 16 bureaus Beijing stands to ministry of item of line of diameter of underground of Beijing west station to work. Will attend " face-to-face " before, his specially sought the opinion of ten fellow workers, bring several problems to ask delegate, committee members the help is solved.

"The child of a lot of fellow worker reached the age that go to school beside me. Leave the child in native place to go to school, won't gain very good custody, educational quality also does not have safeguard. If take,be beside, can be in again live, go to school it is difficult to wait for a respect to encounter, bring very big pressure to the life. This is a difficult problem that we face at present. " Jiang Anbing says.

To this, it is to go into town likewise the countrywide National People's Congress of one's previous experience of Wu industry young person has feeling greatly on behalf of Wang Yuancheng: "1994, I am good not easy ability did a town number of households and total population to the child, make the child enjoyed the treatment with the child in the city. I am attended every year ' two meetings ' , metropolis appeal takes the educational issue of children of peasant worker worker seriously. Now, the country has published relevant policy, by flow into ground government to be in charge of, the requirement is fair managerial school receives enter a school of children of peasant worker worker more as far as possible.

"The seventeen big report of the party puts forward to want to carry out ' equal education ' . Current, rural obligation teachs level learn incidental expenses already derate. To the children of peasant worker worker with the stronger liquidity in the city, relevant policy also is establishing a procedure in. " news of children of teenager of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China publishs Hai Fei of total company president to say.

"Some problems are perplexing us to go into town all the time Wu industry young person, but do not know to should be mirrorred to who. Today, round organization makes me organic can speak one's innermost thoughts and feelings, I and fellow workers are particularly happy. " Jiang Anbing is laughing to say. Back-to-back, he goes into town to what delegate, committee members sought advice from fellow workers to care again Wu industry young person sees a doctor problem of problem, provide for the aged.

Besides Jiang Anbing such going into town outside delegate of Wu industry young person, the mobile spot that day still brought student of school of big, medium, elementary school, community adolescent, white-collar youth, all circles adolescent such as youth of school of run by the local people is represented. They offerred a lot of problems that matter to teenage personal interest, proposal and think of a way to delegate, committee members.
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