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Red of base of education of free open patriotism is classical cite demonstrative
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Jiangxi is saved always the soldier of student of 3 bays school and group of this county fire control is in new county 3 bays adapt base of countrywide patriotism education memorial hall looks around

This is a magical land. On the land of kilometer of one hundred and sixty-six thousand nine hundred square, between green hill green water, the dispersed title with each gules and classical and place name: The cradle that  of large of cough of discharge  と seeks Hui to blow revolution of China of? of dark green of Chu   -- the Jinggang Mountains, vexillary the place that rises -- Nanchang, of China Soviet " red " -- Ruijin, ground of Red Army long march setting out -- at...

On gules Jiangxi earth, have 11 countries class patriotism education demonstrative base and 58 provincial patriotism teach demonstrative base, they are bearing the weight of the historical source and course of hematic Wo Zhonghua, show in new times piece alone attractive elegant demeanour.

How to produce the effect of these demonstrative base better? To on November 18, 6 large demonstrative base open two weeks freely. Practice makes clear, gules and classical caused demonstrative effect.

Entrance ticket makes the history

A few days ago, major of science of computation of information of university of Hua Dong traffic is big the look with reverence of memorial hall of Jiangxi revolution martyr that 4 students Xu Fei and his father will come to to be located in Nanchang city, the information that sees freely gave them a surprise. "I ever had written a letter about the branch to Nanchang, the proposal cancels to commemorate place entrance ticket! " Xu Fei says gladly, "Did not think of the desire came true so quickly! "Did not think of the desire came true so quickly!!

On November 2, jiangxi province makes a decision, to produce the effect of person of gules resource Yo, encourage person better, from that month 5 days begin, memorial hall of museum of revolution of the Jinggang Mountains, local records quick, at memorial hall of prefectural revolution martyr and long march of central Red Army the first cross mine of road of monumental garden, An Yuan memorial hall of martyr of revolution of labour movement memorial hall, Jiangxi, always new 3 bays adapt site to wait 6 greatly.

This one practice of Jiangxi, come from the central ardent entrust that leads a comrade. The Party Central Committee that is a secretary-general with Comrade Hu Jintao takes countrywide patriotism seriously to teach the construction of demonstrative base very much. This year on October 27, when Li Changchun of members of standing committee of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China is attending base area of revolution of the Jinggang Mountains to establish 80 anniversary activity, emphasize, want to develop gules tourism energetically, drive countrywide patriotism to teach base to be opened freely to complete society stage by stage, contain teachs at swimming, contain teachs Yu Le, let broad cadre masses especially adolescent accepts patriotism and revolutionary tradition to teach better.
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