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The inside encircling the ground of an estate business
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Just when develop business not less to not throw the troops into battle, when caution fathoms adjusting control new direction, the Chongqing plute with a mysterious form however brandish is worn chequebook hits out everywhere.

By right of New Year head the swift and fierce inside half month is behaved, in change buy ground (1224.HK) in outback land reserve gross is added to 11 million square metre (but floor area) , a gleam of of home of body of ascend of with one action " landlord " cavalcade. And before 4 months, their land reserve is to be close to 4 million square metre merely.

However although be in Chongqing place, the person of bridge of Zhang Song of chairman of bureau of director of land of buy of the change in be familiar with is finite still, the ability on more person or a list of names posted up of rich and powerful people of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad 2007 benefit that announce from not long ago is informed,

"The bridge is Zhang Song "

At the beginning of the change in founding 23 years ago is industrial, zhang Song bridge most bring with proud, it is the luck of electronic watch core that he has a cost a few yuan only from Hong Kong to inland, sold 100 yuan " day price " .

After 23 years today, either end of a bridge carries Zhang Song on the head " Chongqing head is rich " and " southwest most squire " two during Xiang Guiguan shows a body, his back is the bank that collect abundant, JP the detain of financial big alligator such as bank of Morgan, East Asia blast.

This year on January 8, change buy ground releases announcement to say in, the cost is bought nearly 1.1 billion yuan so that two business that total floor area amounts to 2.57 million square metre stay in city of Sichuan Peng state and area of Chongqing south bank with the ground. Before this 4 days, zhang Song bridge just controls this company to collect abundant, constant to be born from Hong Kong for him wait for much home bank to obtain 1.95 billion yuan of silver-colored round loan.

In fact, the real estate big fellow that Zhang Song bridge enters real-estate industry to compare very much now stir up trouble people want early.

1992, outback industry is right what is meant by " high-grade residence " when still doing not have any concepts, zhang Song bridge encircles the ground in area of Chongqing change north 2200 mus, among them 800 mus developed at this late hour to still be in place illustrious and famous a person of extraordinary powers curtilage grail California garden.

California garden prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red hind, zhang Zaichong is celebrated participated in in succession again collect science and technology of university of garden of city of scene stage, California, Chongqing garden, medium the project of many large house property such as building of change science and technology,

Inside landed bound still does not calculate the Zhang Song bridge of windward cloud character, it is Hong Kong business circles however a famous part: Outside ground of buy of the change in dividing in control of, he or change harbor international (0613.HK) , change is too landed (0075.HK) , harbor is connected accuse (0032.HK) the chairman that waits for much home company, hold the position of silver to build international at the same time (0171.HK) etc appear on the market the executive trustee of the company. He has Hong Kong through the company below the banner on the west area chunnel 37 % right of administration, hong Kong channel and freeway limited company 37 % share, hong Kong drives institute 70 % share, hong Kong fast interpret opens 35 % share.
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