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Door of 3 acting palms achieves Forbes rich life
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Have nearly 5 million reader in the whole world " Forbes " the large business magazine that is American the first of all, also be one of media of finance and economics with most famous whole world. By " Forbes " the 100 plute pop chart that releases every year, it is the fortune index of the whole world.

Interesting is, although " Forbes " the commercial news that reporting contemporary United States and world all the time, magazine itself is a familial enterprise with surname coronal name however, and be in with very conventional means all the time move. From 1917 start publication up to now, " Forbes " already was in new 90 year often had taken below the leader of 3 acting CEO. This United States is the biggest magazine of finance and economics is close the development course of a century, the economy that is type of an United States is mythological. " Forbes " door of 3 acting palms all is individual character the extraordinary character with outstanding, bright characteristic, its life experiences colorfulness, be full of legend colour.

generation: Drive a cart in ragged clothes to blaze a new trail-endure great hardships in pioneer work achieve base course of study, build up from nothing all previous is promoted decline

" Forbes " father uncle Di Forbes was born in Aberdonian 1880 A Baiding county, in the family the seniority in 10 brother sister is old 6. His father is the tailor of the village, still opened domestic grocery store additionally, hold <> concurrently sell beer. Just began time child also be able to pass, but be born ceaselessly one by one because of the child later, in the smallest old 10 be born previously, had been sufferred from so that maintain no less than going to in the home.

Because domestic economy is difficult, forbes read aloud · of uncle the base of a fruit 8 years only the book is forced discontinue one's studying. Although read not much, but his gift is bright, philobiblic, early begins complete heart to practice writing, experienced vivid and fluent style of writing -- of course, he won't think of at that time, kongfu can be in his the wording and purpose of what one writes to bring endless money to him in the future.

1904, uncle Di Forbes decides emigrant United States. In those days September, this 24 ambitious years old of young gold digger arrive at new York by ship.

The new York at the beginning of the century is on red-blooded " arena " , the person do poineering work of group, financier and manufacturer afflux this city. The · of uncle the base of a fruit that the reporter already was before coming to new York Forbes plans from the record proceed with of among them successful character, start the new scope of operation of own career.

When · of uncle the base of a fruit Forbes arrives graceful ha immediately, his at hand still has a bit stockpile. Although Aberdonian with economical and celebrated, he is in today's new York however also is the most luxurious Woerduofu Esiduoliya hotel, he almost all savings are beautiful was in on hotel room cost and a business suit. As a reporter, he wants to be close to business circles is the most influential at that time the character of force, must oneself " pack " .
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