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Adhesive applies mediumly in filter core
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Century 70 time, filter of paper filter core begins to be used in great quantities in auto industry, made industry of filter core adhesive get developing very quickly. Current, the adhesive that our country filter uses year demand already achieved 10 thousand tons of above, the stand or fall of adhesive quality, core of direct effect filter implement the quality of the product and service life. Produce professional manufacturer as filter, want to value the option to adhesive, make according to the character of adhesive stick reasonably receive technology, improve product quality, the growth of stimulative economic benefits.

1, ask to the choice of filter core glue

(1) technology asks: Muddled Song of box hydrazine  unexpectedly dew of this  Nai Nai takes ぷ have a nightmare condyle of ⒘ of ⒀ buy Α is taken an examination of the requirement that Meng Ti? satisfies A Chinese-style unlined garment of bail frequency neon to be stuck to receive data, stick receive firm and reliable, sealing is good.

(2) environmental protection asks: What Yin of box of hertz official shade acts the role of pull up clean horsefly to cast arrest? to cannot affect production to operate personnel is healthy, do not produce pollution to the environment.

(3) is contented stick accept craft demand, the operation is handy.

2, use a case

What my company uses is undermentioned a few kinds of adhesive:

(1) air filter glue of solidify of filter core normal temperature

Air filter core is stuck receive those who use is adhesive of double constituent polyurethane, its operation craft is solidify of simple, normal temperature, avirulent or low poison, wash-and-wear. The effect of climate and environment does not suffer when using, armour, second 2 constituent are compared by quality of 5 ∶ 1() after agitate mixes, preexistence carries lid inside 1 times to use gum, apply glue hind static buy left and right sides of n of 10 m i begins interleave core; to be in then another end lid uses gum, apply glue hind static buy 45 m of 30 ~ after i n , undertake sticking receiving with the one aspect of the matter of the core that insert paper. Normal temperature solidify can undertake the product examines after 4 h pack. Eligible filter core ruptures intensity, be able to bear or endure function of tall low temperature all can achieve specifications to ask. The basis produces experience, filter core sticks the quality control in receiving production to answer from the following 2 respects undertake: ? should be chosen protect the adhesive manufacturer with perfect system to offer goods; b character. Make up adhesive to want to carry out procedure strictly, strengthen the spot to stick at the same time accept quality inspection, the key prevents degum, shrink glue phenomenon.

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