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Manufactory of machinery of chemical industry of city of state of the reputed fo
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Manufactory of machinery of chemical industry of city of state of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty is the professional manufacturer that produces detached equipment, technical force is abundant, treatment facilities is masterly, seasoned, breed norms is all ready, quality is reliable, function is stable, the structure is reasonable, offer money seasonable, the product is popular countrywide each district, the brand is enlighten rich filter press, get user reputably. Manufacturing filter press already had more than 20 years of histories, total personnel 168 people, among them advanced engineer 6 people, 11 people of engineer, technician 36 people, mechanic of high school class 22 people. Workshop floor area 8600 square metre, office division floor area 2620 square metre, plant area gross area 17000 square metre, own respective and advanced facility 54. Main production filter press, belt compresses filter of an organic whole product of two big series. Passed in Feburary 2007 have Department of Commerce, hair change appoint, news of the State Council does collective guidance, attestation of national level credence " demonstrative unit of system of Chinese credence attestation " title, award Chinese credence the mark.
Enlighten series of rich filter press has: 200, 320, 450, 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1500, φ 800, 1000 template of φ casing type and compartment type filter area 0.5 ㎡ - 500 ㎡. . Board casing material has character cast-iron, increase get together third rare, fibre glass gets together third is rare (be able to bear or endure lukewarm 120 ℃ ) reach stainless steel board casing. Impaction form has hand dynamic pressure to be protected close, mechanical impaction, jack impaction, liquid impaction, automatically control impaction and advanced personal computer programmed control is full automatic control. Filter the form has bright stream, undercurrent, bright stream can be washed and two-way across catharsis. The product is used extensively at the industry such as oil, chemical industry, pharmacy, refine sugar, metallurgy, food, pottery and porcelain, amylaceous, sewage disposal to make fluid solid depart. Manufacturing programmed control is full automatic filter press, use current and advanced personal computer to control a system.
Manufactory of machinery of chemical industry of city of state of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty holds to " science and technology promotes look forward to " road, increase investment of science and technology, pay attention to a product to change, develop new product ceaselessly. Tens of year come, early or late academy of chemical industry of province of institute of machinery of Zhengzhou of ministry of spaceflight of chemical college of university of as general as mechanical ministry Hefei mechanical institute, Zhengzhou, country, Henan gives full cooperation, study development gave home to precede belt of dehydrate of strategy of DYH1000-3000mm of product of new and high technology condenses an organic whole to compress early or late filter series, fill home is blank, be included science and technology to tackle key problem by Henan province government early or late project, passed appraisal of achievement of provincial science and technology, be maintained to be product of new and high technology by province government, after this product puts in the market, get the accord of the user reputably.
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