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"Sea river filter press " choice CAXA regards PLM strategy as the partner
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On June 30, 2008, limited company of group of filter press of Heng Shuihai river (filter press of river of sea of the following abbreviation) the meeting of first phase of project of CAXA V5 PDM that start is in " the countryside of Chinese rubber products " Heibei judge water city is held ceremoniously, member of Zhang Zhenming of general manager of department of career of Sun Huidong of minister of ministry of Yang Zhenmin of total project of Qin Chunxia of general manager of sea river filter press, project, technology, CAXA V5 PLM and bilateral project team was attended jointly.

Project of sea river filter starts meeting scene

Sea river filter press is founded 1985, produces filter press, filter applies extensively at the industry such as drink of exploitation of coal, oil and refine, electric power, chemical industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, mine, painty dye, medicine, food. Company product has board casing type, compartment type, diaphragmatic type the filter press of 3 big series and filter of true idling beat, sealed pressurization filter. Filter press has 320 ~ 2000 model a few kinds of model about a hundred kinds of norms.

Compete as client demand diversification and market increasingly intense change, what the abidance of raw material price upsurges and environmental protection asks is ceaseless rise, how managing production cost, increase production efficiency, reduce the worker labor intensity, pollution that reduces pair of environments, the design to filter press, make and application raised taller requirement. On the other hand, ministry of technology of sea river filter press accumulates the product blueprint that come down increasing, as new-style line of the products increasing, the production that spares parts to ensure the maintenance of old product and maintenance and use those who come, the job of each respect is more and more multifarious, as usual of blueprint search the change that exchanges data of edition, product to accelerate wait for a reason, cause technical management job to become more passive, get used to actual demand very hard, virtually increased working intensity and multifarious flow. How to make through informatization technology sea river filter press " the job achieves efficient, quality optimize " , become each major issue that leads an extremely urgent.

To promote business market competition ability, improve technical innovation ability and technical level of management further, sea river filter press thinks to make full use of advanced IT, building the platform of company product research and development that designs craft unifinication is to develop necessary safeguard quickly. Since in-house PLM project plans to start, group of project of PLM of sea river filter press passes strict to supplier of PLM of domestic and international much home plan type selecting, approbate CAXA consistently finally old and dedicated serve ability at the major of manufacturing industry is accumulated and can supporting duratively for a long time, and the PLM function with complete CAXA V5 and easy expansibility, chose solution of CAXA V5 PLM to regard its as the platform that complete lifecycle of company level product manages, with CAXA the autograph makes an appointment with a knot to be partner of enterprise informatization strategy.
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