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Clean water of film of filter of accept of golden gig card implement let common
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Need not change clean water of core accept filter 10 years implement

Clean water of film of filter of accept of golden gig card implement (the country invents patent name: ZL00134333.5) uses filter film sifts film for element of accept rice class (1~5 accept rice) , detached effect can be achieved medical blood is dialytic standard. Its job principle is the geometrical dimension depart that presses the material in water the element, a few kinds of constant such as the calcium in raw water, iron, magnesian, zinc, Strontium and microelement can pass accept rice class aperture. And the harmful material such as compound of content of impurity of the coliform organisms that aperture of class of rice of velar surface accept is more than in tap water, virus, colloid, in suspension, heavy metal (be more than 50 accept rice) be held back to be in of film inside the surface, while the user is using tap water, these harmful material by automatic and direct rinse out, realized the safety of life drinking water and health thereby. Accept filter water is helpful for human body absorbing with metabolism, enhance power of human body immunity. Long-term and drinkable the crowd that can be improved effectively and prevents acidity constitution. This product is the biggest the advantage is do not change core 10 years, rinse automatically, bulk is small, installation is simple, not add with report, those who come out is mineral water, small element water, pleasant of alkalescent water drop is sweet but the healthy water of straight drink. The meal that in summer we eat remnant is put in electric rice cooker one day bad, can use accept filter water to cook 3 days not bad, want to be far from a disease, the child drinks be at ease buy clean water of accept filter film implement. National sanitation branch detects proof: Accept filter clean water implement accord with 2005 newest countries " drinkable clean water gauge is accurate " .

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