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Analysis of effect of depart of erect helix centrifugal and rise
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Analysis of effect of depart of erect helix centrifugal and rise
Jiang Guoguang
(Jinan of limited company of new material of chemical fibber of Jinan Zheng Hao two hundred and fifty thousand one hundred   )
Summary: Introduce erect and pensile helix to sedimentation centrifugal job principle, the analysis affects the factor of detached effect. Transform centrifugal helix to be defeated by glassware, lengthen sedimentary in drying zone retention period, and pure water is added to be opposite in drying zone sedimentary rinse again, in order to improve the detached result of centrifugal.
Keyword: Fluid of detached in suspension rinses PTA centrifugal again
Erect and pensile helix sedimentations centrifugal is domestic PTA (essence of life is right this 2 formic acid) in the industry one of necessary equipment, this equipment because structure complex, precision tall, use environment is slashing wait for a reason, introduce entrance product entirely now (every price RMB 5 million yuan) . Centrifugal of the first class uses purificatory unit of this factory PTA ability of P-6100 processing drier is h of / of 16   t , this centrifugal is unit to refining impurity of stock depart, drive (foreign matter dissolve at water, along with fluid photograph the platoon goes) have crucial effect. Before transforming matter content of product of my factory PTA often exceeds bid, undertake an analysis to the detached effect of this centrifugal so and raise its through transforming detached effect.
Centrifugal of 1   P-6100 is main performance data and principle brief introduction
1 . 1 is main performance data
Turn bosomy diameter 635 m m
Turn bosomy length 1732 m m
Turn bosomy cone angle 10 ° of 2 ×
Turn bosomy rotate speed n of i of m of 2100 r /
Poor rotate speed 47. n of i of m of 5 r /
Detached factor 1558 (2 / of r ω g )
Screw head is counted 2
Pitch 108 (lead 216 m m )
Advocate electric machinery power 150 KW
Handle pressure 0. 4 MP a
Operate temperature 150 ℃
Brief introduction of 2 job principle
The graph is shown, this centrifugal basically reachs the system that prop up, difference by input of electric machinery rotate speed fast implement, the composition of a few parts such as centrifugal and detached rotor. Turn bosomy rotate speed is n of i of m of 2100 r / , poor fast implement age for 2 class planet
Annulus structure, output rotate speed is 2052. n of i of m of 5 r / , drive screw feeder to rotate, as a result of screw feeder and turn beat have opposite roll, produced screw feeder to turn makings result relative to what rouse successive underspin at turning.
Suspension fluid enters centrifugal through bottom housing, infuse screw feeder assembles system inside, arrive from a makings aperture gush of feed pipe inside screw feeder feed makings awl to go up, arise on the food chute wall that stock edge feeds makings awl to send high speed to rotate to tegument gather, because leave the action of mental efforts, stock is swung through the aperture of food chute turn on bosomy wall, even ground distributings at whole turn rouse wall apparently, join as stock continuously, turn the ply step up of the makings layer that rouses wall, until turn the centrifugal of eduction of aperture giving fluid that rouses top. Suspension fluid gives makings aperture to be sent from food chute turn the course that centrifugal gives side by side on bosomy wall is photograph of the solid in suspension fluid the process that sedimentations in fluid photograph, in this process, the density of photograph of the solid in suspension fluid is more than the density of fluid photograph, the centrifugal power that the centrifugal muscularity that consequently solid photograph place suffers gets at fluid photograph place, because this originallies to be in the process of stock eduction centrifugal,sedimentation stage by stage of makings layer outer, the fluid photograph in stock layer is in lining and as the layer thick be increased ceaselessly and eduction centrifugal; The solid grain in stock layer is pushed below the action of screw feeder underspin to turn bosomy lower end, after rousing pyramidal extruding dehydrate through turning by turn the eduction of solid eduction mouth on beat.
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