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Plastic catchment board processing is soft base centrifugal experiment research
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Plastic catchment board processing is soft base centrifugal experiment research
Lu Guosheng (environment of university of southwest science and technology and this world of continous of resource institute Sichuan six hundred and twenty-one thousand and ten)
Summary: Soft earth of along the line of railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed distributings wide, to choose processing technique of reasonable soft earth roadbed, treat soft earth roadbed and plastic drain off water through notting have board the earthy labor of foundation is centrifugal model test, discussed roadbed differentia to sedimentation the volume that handles transverse displacement with the relation of time, different deepness and plastic catchment board sedimentation to roadbed pilot effect. The result makes clear, the biggest sedimentation happen in place of line of embankment area center, displacement of the biggest level happens in below slope horn 6. In the foundation of 6 m , load affects deepness to be 13 m about. Plastic catchment board reason foundation photograph compares foundation and nowhere, sedimentation reduce somewhat, but complete sedimentations when 3 years still come down not firmly surely, because this answers rather he is soft base the processing technique combines application.
Keyword: Roadbed of soft earth of centrifugal model test is plastic catchment board sedimentations
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The stability of high speed railroad to roadbed and be out of shape control raised very tall requirement, control to what after embankment is versed in, sedimentation especially, abroad has extremely strict level. Our country " station of Sui of bridge of line of railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed designs provisional regulation " after putting forward roadbed to be versed in, sedimentation ≤ 10 c m , sedimentation 3 c of rate ≯ m / year standard. From geology of project of railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed at the same time the condition is analysed, foundation of soft earth of along the line distributings wide, especially Ning Hu paragraph, overall length of soft earth foundation is amounted to 103. 6 k m , there still is soft earth embankment after picking acting way of bridge of in order to for the most part 36. 110 place of / of 6 k m . Because this soft earth foundation sedimentations the metabolic control, correct choice that handles program, it is a key of design of high speed railway bed, construction. To master soft base sedimentation the rule, task group to this a section of a highway two kinds of typical ground test piece had many groups of centrifugal model test. The article introduced to be aimed at research of two groups of of ground test piece of Campagna of alluviation of the Yangtse River centrifugal model test, do not have roadbed of processing soft earth and plastic catchment namely board the earthy labor of compound foundation is centrifugal model test.
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