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Frying oil filter knowledge of the latest
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In China thousands of years of culinary culture, deep-fried food has always been an important component. Fried food because of its aroma, taste specificity, has been loved by the general public. Past two decades, the Chinese people rising living standards, leisure food industry to flourish. The fried food is a major component of snack foods. We often mentioned in the food processing, frying is a common, universal processing method.

However, with the standardization of the market and supervision of food processing, the improvement of laws and regulations, people on food hygiene and safety requirements are also rising. How to extend the use of frying oil, frying oil how to ensure food security, has become a priority in the face of deep-fried food processing technicians serious issue.

Standard edible oils and fats

China has already developed a standard frying oil consumption (GB7102.1-94) and food hygiene standards of the Standard oil analysis methods (GB/T5009.37-1996), on the oil acid value, carbonyl value, peroxide value and other parameters and stringent requirements for test methods. However, a lot of fried food manufacturers now have not enough attention to this. Although they all use the rancidity of the oil that fried foods, will seriously affect the product quality, shorten product shelf life. However, due to not find a suitable and effective equipment and methods, many manufacturers have had to regularly clean out the pan in the larger carbide residue, taken to add some new oil, or replaced with new oil and methods to maintain normal production activities.

Edible vegetable oils used in frying the physical and chemical indicators (GB7102.1-94)

1. Edible oils used in frying sensory indicators: with normal process of vegetable oil for frying various food color, smell and taste and no smell, impurities and debris. 2. Edible vegetable oils used in frying the physical and chemical indicators

Edible oils and fats and the impact of changes in the mechanism

Many Chinese and foreign scholars study found suspended in the oil residue in the carbonized, (such as small flour, starch granules), peroxides and polymers, is the fat oxidation and hydrolysis catalysts. If the timely and effective removal of these catalysts to prevent the catalyst caused by repeated heating, oil deterioration process to slow.

Another school of thought believes that the lipid oxidation and hydrolysis reactions deterioration mostly centered around the particle. Get rid of these particles, the reaction center relies lost, the reaction rate will be significantly slower. These catalyst particles are very small in diameter, most between 5 ~ 10μ. Most of these particles are suspended in the frying oil is extremely difficult by a simple precipitation method removed the past.

Unable to remove small suspended particles, polymers, so the deterioration in resolving the oil, polymers and the accumulation of toxic substances ineffective. Frying oil often produce acid value and peroxide value exceeded the standard, greatly increased production costs. Also, suspended in the frying oil in the eye is often difficult to identify the small particles have been carbonized, very easily attached to the fried food surface. This is why the fried food will be used as the time of frying oil to deep color and gradually change.

Therefore, in the food frying process, the frying oil used for frying food in the air, water and food residue in the presence of continuous high-temperature heating, oil production polymerization, decomposition and oxidation and a series of complex chemical reactions. Acid oxidation of fats, oils and fats also produce acid hydrolysis. Once the free fatty acid content of more than 0.5% -1.0%, the hydrolysis rate is accelerated.

If the acid value is too high, oil's smoke point is lower, so very easy to cause smoke and, therefore, affect the flavor of fried foods. In the case of oxygen, the oil molecules polymerization cyclic compounds and high molecular weight polymer, the viscosity of these substances rise in the oil, thereby reducing the thermal conductivity, and increase the rate of food oil, so oil-fried products rate increased. Higher fat content of food, due to air, sunlight, microorganisms, enzymes function, easy to trigger generates bad smell, taste changes so bitter fried foods, or even toxic, a phenomenon known as rancidity.

Oil filter works

In recent years, many in the technology of food processing and oil try to use chemical methods of personnel, using a variety of antioxidants, inhibition of acid value and peroxide value increased, but because of temperature control, oil and water mix and other factors, the effect is still not very good. The use of physical adsorption and precision filtering, to suppress the acid value and peroxide value increased purpose, it is more from a food processing safety, and more convenient way.

In recent years, has developed at home and abroad have been frying oil filter, Guangzhou Zhongtian Food Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of a typical representative. They tried to filter through the physical form of high-temperature frying oil filter 5 micron polymer, peroxide, suspended particles and other impurities in oil deterioration of catalysts, thereby inhibiting the frying oil, acid value and peroxide value increased.

As the use of general filtration equipment to the usual filtering methods can not filter out such small impurities. In order to achieve more than very sophisticated 5μ filter effects, Guangzhou Zhongtian Food Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is the first in the development, production of the transit card frying oil filter, focus on total suspended particulate filter impurities aspects. Both the requirements to achieve high precision, suitable for the 185 ℃ -200 ℃ high temperature operation, but also meets the needs of large industrial production filter.

In the filter operation, as the filtration pressure increases, the compressibility of the residues that will narrow the pores, the fluid resistance increases, sometimes because particles are too small and the pore blockage of the filtering process goes smoothly.

To prevent this from happening, transit card frying oil filter coated with a layer of filter paper with a strong surface activity, has a strong dynamic positive charge, can be adsorbed polymers, peroxides and other polar particulate filter aid groups and impurities.

Because it constitutes the backbone residues, form a relatively loose residue, so that oil can be cool to pass. Coupled with the special filter paper with the high porosity and good permeability. Can effectively filter out suspended in the frying oil more than 5-micron particles of impurities, carbon, polymers and other harmful substances.

Hundreds of fried foods at home and abroad enterprises with proven production: frying oil filter effectively improved the environment for frying food, inhibiting the acid value and peroxide value increased, the growth of shelf life of fried foods, extending The use of frying oil. To improve product quality, reduce production costs.

Work flow oil filter

Oil filter can be connected to the production line can also be used as mobile devices, equipped with several pan. These can be produced according to the actual circumstances to make the most optimal combination.

Frying oil filter main effect

1. Purifier can effectively improve the appearance of fried food quality. Because the filtered particles suspended in frying oil impurities, fried environment has been significantly improved. Southern Food Factory Co., Ltd. Fujian kiss in the oil filter test report contains the statement: The use of oil filtering equipment, palm oil fryer small brown-black particulate impurities are filter aid adsorption. Filter aid and filter paper obviously brown-black residual impurities. After using the oil filtering equipment can effectively remove small solid impurities in palm oil, the oil becomes clear and translucent, the color of fried expanded food was lighter.

2. Oil filter can extend the shelf life of fried foods. Since the device can effectively suppress the increase of acid value in frying, food shelf life guaranteed. Want Want Food Group, based in Hangzhou branch laboratory data before and after using the oil filter, made changes in acid value curve. Laboratory data show that the use of frying oil filter on the inhibition of oleic acid increased the price played a significant role. Frying to improve the environment, improve product quality, extend product shelf life, is of great significance.

3. Oil filter can save the cost of production, because organic extension of the frying oil filter period of use. General fried food enterprises in the use of two or three days after the frying oil, the oil is black thickening, acid value exceeding had abandoned. After using the oil filter can use more than fifteen days, greatly reduce production costs.

4. Oil filter can improve the thermal efficiency of heat exchangers to save energy. As constantly filtered frying oil and other plastic polymer impurities, reduces oil viscosity, heat exchanger tube in the dirt would be greatly reduced, thereby improving heat transfer efficiency and save energy.

5. To improve the taste of fried foods. Because the viscosity of frying oil greatly reduced, the oil content of fried foods has been effectively controlled. Food tastes more crisp, greasy sensory decreased.

6. More environmentally friendly. Currently in advanced Western countries the treatment of waste cooking oil is more stringent. Reasons to believe that China's further integration with the international process, awareness of environmental protection must be greatly improved. From the perspective of corporate social responsibility, we should be more promotion of the protection of the environment, minimizing waste emissions. Frying oil filter to reduce frying oil in the role of consumption is very significant.