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Gong Jingren: create a new situation of China leads the way in filter industry
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Gong Jingren: male, Han nationality, born in 1965, tertiary education, Communist Party, now in Shandong Province Nuclear Industry Geological Brigade 273, party secretary, chief, Nuclear Industry Yantai Hing Industrial Co., Ltd. Chairman and General Manager. Mechanical workers in 1989, graduated from the University of Jiangxi, East China Geological Exploration Bureau in the Nuclear Industry Brigade 262, the work of a machine shop as a technician; 1993 in the Nuclear Industry Brigade 273, East China Geological Bureau of the work of the Office of Staff, served as corporate governance, director; The nuclear industry in 1995 as director of East China Yantai Machinery Plant; Nuclear industry in 1996 as the 273 brigade, East China Geological Bureau Assistant; 1998 East China Nuclear Industry Geological Bureau as deputy brigade commander of 273 (deputy division level), Nuclear Industry Yantai Hing Industrial Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager; Shandong Province in 2004 as the nuclear industry, two hundred seventy-three geological battalion, party secretary (at the level), Nuclear Industry Yantai Hing Industrial Co., Ltd. Chairman and General Manager. East has won the China Nuclear Industry Geological Bureau, "New Long March udarnik" title, year after year by the Nuclear Industry Geological Bureau and Shandong Province, East China National Defense Science and Industry Office "model worker", Shandong Province, the defense industry system "outstanding Communist" The honorary title, won several Yantai City, "May Day" Labor Medal title, in 2007 Ten Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Yantai and Shandong Province Model Worker in 2008, Jiangxi, China's top ten outstanding business in 2009, China Industrial Economy Top Ten Elite Honor. The tide of reform and opening up, with China's rapid economic development in China, this ancient land on the birth of a large number of courage to open up, Li Yong forefront of the market entrepreneurs. Gong Jingren is such an entrepreneur He is always fighting in the forefront of the market, with big national enterprises broad mind to lead the staff of the ideal of common prosperity, a dozen of the old simple machine shop, playing a ringing of a well-known in the global industry Enterprises. Has dice in his possession an insatiable drive, there is an indomitable perseverance, the same time, China's nuclear industry as a cause of the army, he inherited his father have created "two bombs and one boat," the patriotic Yi feelings, and always maintain simple style, the style of self-improvement, always mind to serve the motherland in the dream of a new era. To survive in the hard work Gong Jingren Nanchang, Jiangxi Province was originally a drilling process and equipment technical school graduates, distribution, eight teams in the two hundred sixty-two brigade workers engaged in drilling, drill every day, despite the ravine, he never abandoned his ambition to recover a larger display Requirements, mechanical workers in 1986 was admitted to the University of Jiangxi Province, for his future in the development of machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises laid a solid foundation. After graduation, he immersed in the technical work, because of its excellent R & D and Organizational capacity, Geological Team of business administration of his appointment as Director, specializes in the development of new products and projects. Development of new projects for a "conversion" of the Geological Team of the responsibility is a heavy, means that decision by him The ranks of thousands of people set the future direction of development for the survival, the importance of which is really self-evident. Gong Jingren really lived up to the great trust of the team, he was two hundred seventy-three Xing brigade and development of the company with enthusiasm and effort devoted. Ten years, he led a geological survey to rely solely on funding, staff wages Difficult to protect, team development difficult geological Brigade, development go hand in hand with the product as geological, founded the company with the Xing belt filter into industry leaders, sales are expanding from 50 million to more than 500 million yuan State-owned assets from 50 million to grow to over two billion years the average income of workers increased by 20 times. He is well-known filter industry's leading entrepreneurs, he was blown away by the rich staff leader. Gong Jingren afraid of difficulties, cause of the persistent, and fully reflected in the course of his business. The early 90s, the State Nuclear Industry Geological Prospecting Team of the funding shortage. In particular, two hundred seventy-three Brigade weak foundation, staff Team a heavy burden, and retirees living wages, medical fees are often in arrears, seriously affecting the stability and development brigade. Rely solely on geological survey almost can not survive into the face of such difficulties, to Go, This is the brigade staff agonized over the problem of all. Is the best choice for converting, but the key to solve development problems is the human factor, who will bear greatly on what this development, the team's sights on employees to trust King Gong Comrade Ren, a young age, less than 30-year-old technician who. Born with shares of aggressive, full of business responsibility, he stepped in to embrace the Second Geological Team of the major sustenance hard work, and therefore people towards self- Health and majestic sea sailing straight across the economy. Then two hundred seventy-three Brigade, the best equipment and infrastructure is for geological exploration service machine shop, while the brigade will be able to come up to the start-up capital is only one hundred thousand yuan, which is Gong Jingren Venture Development Starting point for development. In a short plant, the second lack of technology, lack of talent in the case of the three, with one hundred thousand yuan of start-up capital, the machine repair shop was transformed into East China Nuclear Industry Yantai Machinery Factory, then Bansui plant development, changed its name to Nuclear Industry Yantai Hing Industrial Co., Ltd.. Although the strength of the weak, lack of resources, but Gong Jingren is aimed at the development of products with international advanced level --- belt filter, it is a high degree of automation, raw Technical complexity of the separation of production equipment. In the absence of data, no case of R & D team, professional background of his machinery, and workers together, on the belt filter were dissected hundreds of times, testing and research. Xing geological hammer hand from the same Investigation of mining resources diverted to equipment manufacturers, the difficulty can be imagined. Production conditions were very primitive, no plant, in the open air operations, beginning of winter frost of winter, when employees work from home should be carrying a thermos flask, The open irrigated to the plate stacks, and of opening a steel plate to carry raw frozen, braving the biting cold wind cutting, cutting, welding. In order to understand an argument, analysis of a data, install a part, they brought A camp bed, holding for several days of instant noodles in the primitive factory, room and board, repeated the equipment installation, testing. Experienced repeated failures and setbacks, Erqi finally produced three first PBF-based filter. The success of the first filter development, not only firmly into the filter field their confidence and determination, but in practice, exercise, and fostered a number of good filter technology and marketing talent for the company's future Laid a solid foundation. Difficult product development, market development more difficult, Gong Jingren traveled thousands of miles with a sales staff to open up the market. To the Chinese from the foreign control of the market in the belt filter "Hukouduoshi" Moving forward. Industrial machinery and equipment is a short-legged, when domestic buyers set a high threshold, some one is "Made in China" to shut out directly with the Development Company, directly out some users Say, you are also afraid to give away. The face of repeated failure, frustration again and again, Gong Jingren not discouraged, he look for things that will not give up easily. He personally led, composed of several perennial sales team to run around in the river north and south, long Inside and outside the city, the customer repeated visits to once they go again No, this not they go another. Encountered in the face of the embarrassment of domestic equipment, in addition to their presentation to the user himself patiently Superiority of the product, it also requested the user to take a free trial of methods, users will be dissatisfied with their equipment back. Covering dozens of square meters for a large-scale equipment for shipment, installation, commissioning is not a simple matter, but is through this "awkward", they successfully sold to an enterprise device, the device of a Times of near-by customers demanding set of 168 indicators test, which has become their domestic market, "pass." With the success in the market, fired the first shot, the company gradually in the industry with hing called out the slogan. It is in To reach the goal with this spirit does not stop until they caught in the market step by step in the development and growth. Gong Jingren led the sales staff very best in the market, traveling all, capture the market fortress. With his sincere attitude and hard work style moved one by one customer. "Nuclear Star" brand was gradually accepted by the customer, The industry well-known brands, the nuclear industry with the company gradually became Hing belt filter industry leading enterprises. In independent innovation and development Gong Jingren always keep a clear head, his choice for innovation and grasp the direction of development was especially accurate, particularly timely opportunity to grasp. In the fierce market competition, rapid development, the key to timely grasp The market a rare opportunity, to make a fast changing market reaction, so the market and what kind of filter products, to research what kind of filter production products, equipment users have any questions, to solutions Decision problem. With the same company's leading products Hing-DU tape-type filter, for example, state authorities issued regulations in 2001, requiring the country's thermal power plant emissions of the gases gradually desulfurization. At that time, production of this too The key technology filter machine, all controlled by Europe and America and other developed countries. Gong Jingren to know this information, immediately organized people to visit Europe and other developed countries, after returning to concentrate manpower, material and financial resources for scientific research, Breakthrough has been made in a short time. Xing company in 2004 with the first homemade vacuum belt dryer first test of a power plant in Jiangyin successful, the product price for less than a quarter of imported equipment, but the main technical indicators have reached or exceeded foreign The level of imported products, completely changed the desulfurization filter completely dependent on imports. Shortly thereafter, the state departments organized experts to conduct scientific research desulfurization filter. When they learned that one step ahead with the Xing has achieved application of production immediately after the entire industry was in large area. At present, thermal power plant flue gas desulphurization equipment used, 70% are provided by the same hing. R & D results like this, with the Xing since 1995 made the first successful development of large vacuum belt filter is not stopped after. Currently, the company developed with the Xing more than 30 new products, access to national More than 20 patents, including automatic centrifuge LXD the State Innovation Award, TC-type ceramic filter, filter with rubber bands and other products to fill the gap, the range of application development from the original to the power industry, metallurgy, chemical industry , Food, pharmaceutical and other fields. Zheng Ru Gong Jingren his name, he is a virtue and sincerity of the people, the quality of his personality on this business, that is truly customer-centric, enterprise customers since it is god, you should never let Customer satisfaction and confidence. Tung Hing Company established a free after-sales service system, the user availability, maintenance of equipment free of charge to allow customers to enjoy the excellent service. Some foreign equipment business by purchasing foreign Repair is not timely and expensive after-sales service fees suffered terribly, so have requested that after-sales service the company entrusted to the same hing. Tung Hing company not only to undertake a foreign brand of service, but also the production line based on user characteristics Point transformation products abroad, a direct result of this initiative is that these users will follow the filter directly to the same procurement Hing Company, thus changing the market access difficult situation. With this purchase before the "free trial" to purchase the "free maintenance", as well as foreign brands, "on behalf of maintenance", the majority of customers the company's products to achieve the same hing from refusing to welcome, from the strange to the Familiar with the psychological changes, has greatly improved with the Xing product visibility and reputation. 2007, 120 million yuan in Xinjiang Lop Nur potassium filter equipment bidding, attracting domestic and foreign well-known filter manufacturer to compete with Taiwan, with Xing companies with technology, quality, service and other advantages well bid. Belt filter the successful first single, has greatly inspired the ambition of national equipment manufacturing industry. He is also a bold, have excellent leadership skills and vision of the leader. To activate the brigade vitality, deepening the reform of personnel system, he withstood heavy pressure, developed a mid-level leading cadres of competition in the dynamic management Management mechanism, breaking the nuclear geology units followed the cadre appointment system for many years, afraid of offending people, capable, the mediocre, the only example, actively supported by the employees. Battalion and company as a party and government leaders, he fully Implement people-oriented concept, the group development while focusing on maintaining the fundamental interests of workers, highlighting the protection of wages and other distribution system, are willing to pay wages to employees, with the Xing's per capita income levels in the local premier of a Means that employees are very proud. Excellence committed to excellence from the same company Xing Yang aspirations of the nation, creating its own brand mission, relying never satisfied, never slack the spirit of excellence, constantly filter to the world-renowned R & D business objectives Fen Enter. While many people made the same impressive performance Hing Company and amazed when Gongjing Ren has a strong sense of crisis, a sense of responsibility and urgency, the development of the new round starting point layout, generous Lazi, Strive to use five to ten years time will become the business development sales revenue of 10 billion separation of the world's leading machinery manufacturing enterprises and research and development enterprises. To achieve this goal, Gong Jingren a series of development plans: First, expand the industrial chain, the business scale expansion, the company adhere to the same hing positive and stable development. Persist in the filter, while bigger and stronger products, focus on stretching filter related industrial chain. He Vividly described as "Stars and Planets strategy", that is, around the filter of the "stars" associated with supporting the development of rubber, electronics, ceramics and other "planets", this "concentric diversification" strategy, will enable the new do business Have a fixed sales channels, thereby minimizing market risk, while new businesses can gradually form a "star", and the original enterprise support each other to make up, so the company high-speed, steady development. Previously, the company produced a key component on the filter - tape, is the integrated rubber (18690, -55.00, -0.29%) production, 3 meters above the wide tape has been the production of individual foreign integrated oak Plastic business monopolies. In order to achieve a greater leap forward, starting in 2005, with the Xing people to invest in Yantai Sunny Rubber Co., Ltd. was established to build the world's first dedicated filter a wide Zhuanye Hua tape production line, only Only six months after the completion and operation across the board and the first test achieved a key technology in this field worldwide technological monopoly. This wide belt production line of annual production capacity has reached 300 or more, and in large quantities to South Korea States, Japan, Iran and other countries exports. The company has formed a mechanical, rubber, electronics, ceramic products, four plates, and the company of the rapid expansion. Second, the 20 domestic manufacturers to integrate filter, on the strength of some companies holding shares of, completely change the internal filter disorderly competition in the market situation, consolidating and expanding companies in the country had the same hing The formation of filter machines on the market advantage. The third is to open up international markets to achieve from the domestic market-oriented transformation to the merger of the two major markets. Tung Hing to expand the international market as the company to promote the rapid development of the company's strategic initiatives, they should not only foreign competition Rival out of the country, but also broke into their house with them competing against the fierce competition in the international market to develop and strengthen ourselves. Xing is developing now with any of the international manufacturer of belt filter application had Congmei remote monitoring system, the use of this device can monitor the functioning of customer's equipment and technology worldwide, no mature We produced a device can implement remote monitoring, thereby greatly improving the company's international market development capacity. The company also introduced in the Thailand, Brazil, South Africa and other countries set up representative offices, in pursuit of five years Time about the proportion of exports expanded to 50%. As a company leader, the company continued to grow and develop the process, Gong Jingren deeply impressed by the way the thorns, but also move forward with the company to reap the flowers. He loves to learn, willing to study, hardworking, good record New. He is a strong sense of responsibility, each on a new project, he personally led the technical research, often busy late into the night in the experiment. In the process of opening up new markets, he can not imagine someone else to bear Hardship, 365 days a year, he was almost 300 days to run around in busy markets. Because of his love for his hard work and the Early distressed white hair, he said: "Sometimes very tired, or sick, I also want to have a good rest , But the thought of work, I went to cheer dry up. "This is he, a trouble, always the leader in the development of enterprises in the first place. Feelings in the back to the community on Thanksgiving Gong Jingren righteousness with a charitable heart. Like his father, he always maintained the true nature of the nuclear industry were hard-working, dedicated, Gongsifenming, never abuse of power, the eyes of his people is a real People make money, diligent honesty and a good leader. With the car company gave him, he never private, that is, what their loved ones pick their own home, he let the families of the cost of a taxi operator, submitted to the company office to go. Brigade and the public Our staff have difficulties, he was always the first to contribute generously. And the amount is always the highest. Enterprise development, and strong, and he has not forgotten to give back to the community's support. In recent years, only his own poor Contributions of families and persons with disabilities more than 60,000 yuan, the battalion and company played Charities exemplary role model. Under his influence, since 2000, the battalion and company staff enthusiastically as disaster areas, poor and disabled, the Revolutionary Army (Lie) is more than 20 million in matching funds, donations totaled more than 2000 pieces. After the earthquake, Donations of more than 200 million team. Past five years, they also regularly donated to the Yantai SOS Children's Village accumulated more than 17,000 yuan. Gong Jingren when doing business in Qinghai, western see the poverty of children, dropped out of school because of poverty is Real deeply touched him, and he resolutely decided fund-raising 20 million donation in a Hope primary school in Western, the company also committed to working with Xing paired with the Qinghai provincial corporation, funded employees called each year in the western poor college students. Brigade Tsui Ping South Qili Zhuang and Qixia build village level to carry out activities, money and material assistance for the construction of roads and cultural facilities, the capacity of the village the village has undergone tremendous change in appearance, to accelerate the building of new socialist countryside have made outstanding tribute Offerings. This is Gong Jingren, a self-improvement, hard struggle and achievements of the leader of social responsibility of a mind, always seeking the interests of the workers leaders, one for the defense industry and the local economy has made tremendous Pioneer contribution to a create a new situation in our country leads the way in filter industry. About Us Nuclear Industry Yantai Hing Industrial Co., Ltd. is a part of National Defense Science and Industry Office in Shandong Province, a "conversion" of high-tech enterprises, the company currently employs 800 people, including fixed assets of 200 million, consists of five sub-company Division and four production bases. Located in Yantai Fushan High-tech Zone, Qixia City, Qixia City and Ho Chi Minh City Matsuyama Zone, with a total area of 400 acres, the plant has 80,000 square meters. The company mainly engaged in the separator Mechanical research and development, production, sales, the main products are: DU series rubber belt vacuum filter, TC series ceramic vacuum filter, PBF series of continuous horizontal vacuum belt filter, HVPF automatic vertical pressure filter, DZY, DY Series of belt filter press, LXP series of automatic continuous discharge centrifuge, precision tube filter, inverter, soft start and other products related to military applications, chemical, metallurgy, mining, electricity, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, lead Domain, product sales coverage throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and other countries and regions, accounting for 70% of the Chinese market, is the world's largest belt filter manufacturers. In 2005 the company built a special advanced Industry filter plate production line and the world is the only professional filter tape production line, can produce large ceramic filter plate for a variety of high quality ceramic filter elements and the width of 3.4 meters (non-spliced), high-quality filter specifications vary Tape. Company drafted the filter tape, cloth, ceramic filter, ceramic filter, and other national standards, with more than 30 patent technologies and products, integrated in the domestic industry for many years ranked first. In 2001 the company passed ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification; 2002 as provincial high-tech enterprises; in 2003 to become the national standard separation machinery manufacturing units; large belt filter 2004 Through the national identification, fill the gaps; power industry in 2005 a national supplier of FGD projects designated; upgraded in 2006, Yantai municipal enterprise technological centers; Shandong Province in 2006 was awarded the "Shandong Famous Brand", " Association for Quality Assessment Shandong Province High Performance Advanced Enterprise "," Yantai Labor Award ", for many years as the provincial contract and keeping promises units, Shandong Province, the advanced civilization of defense systems unit and economic development Qixia Outstanding contributions to the unit; 2007 was promoted to Shandong provincial enterprise technology centers; 2008 was named national demonstration in China pioneer industrial economy units. Company's operating philosophy is: unity, honesty, hard work and innovation.