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Shenzhen Arima industrial equipment: filter action principle
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Container with a filter media to separate the upper and lower chamber constitutes a simple filter. Suspension to join the chamber under pressure through the filter medium into the inferior vena into the filtrate, the solid particles are trapped in the filter media surface residues (or cake). The surface of filter media during filtration of the residues accumulated progressively thicker layers, the resistance of the liquid layer followed by residues increased, the filtration rate decreases. When the filter chamber is full of residue, or the filtration rate is too small, stop filter to remove residue, so filter media regeneration, to complete a filter cycle. Liquid through the residue layer and the filter media must overcome the resistance, so both sides of the filter media must have a pressure difference, which is the driving force for filtration. Increasing the pressure difference can speed up filtering, but the compression of the deformation of the particles in the large pressure difference easy to plug the porous filter media, filter but slow. Suspension filtration layer filter with residue, deep filter and filter screen 3 ways. ① residue level filtering: the beginning of filtration filter media can only retain large solid particles, small particles with the slurry through the filter media. Residue in the formation of the initial layer, the residue layer on the filter plays a major role, then large and small particles are retained, such as plate and frame filter press filter. ② depth filters: filter media thick suspension containing small solid particles, and particles smaller than the filter media pores. Filter, the particles after adsorption into the channels of such porous plastic pipe filter, sand filter filtration. ③ sieve: filter retention of solid particles are greater than the porous filter media, filter media not absorbed within the solid particles, such as filtered water tumble filter screen in the coarse-grained impurities. In the actual filtering process, the three ways are often at the same time or one after another.