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Rich Filter Co Ltd Hangzhou shopping guide
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Filter Hangzhou Co., Ltd. is a rich, well-equipped, advanced technology, the strength of a sound means of detection, product quality and excellent filtration, separation machinery specialist. Company's filtration equipment: reinforced polypropylene filter press, frame type filter press, automatic drawing board box filter, membrane filter press, vertical presses, dewatering one machine (belt filter) and so on. Company's filter designed, handsome in appearance, versatility, drawing attention to, durable, variety, full specifications. Sub-automatic, manual hydraulic. Van, plate and frame filter press filter plate with a reinforced polypropylene cone with point-like boss design, molding. Filter area, filter fast, short filter cycles, greatly improve the work and economic benefits. Reinforced polypropylene plate chemical stability, corrosion resistance, acid, alkali and salt erosion, non-toxic, odorless, light weight. High strength, effortless operation. Metal plate cast molding, high temperature, high pressure, durable. The filter unit of the company the wide range of applications, alternative specifications as much as the applicability of the strong work, superior product quality, both in the same industry leading position. Scope of products: Chemicals: dyes, pigments, titanium dioxide, electrolytic manganese, caustic soda, soda ash, chlor-alkali salt, mud, white carbon black, saponin, graphite, bleaching powder, and stand powder, phosphor, sodium hydrosulfite, potassium chlorate, ferrous sulfate, hydroxide Rail, water purification Liu (aluminum sulfate, aluminum chloride, basic aluminum chloride) and so on. Pharmaceutical: antibiotics (chlortetracycline, erythromycin, spiramycin, Jinggangmeisu, Midecamycin, tetracycline, berberine, oxytetracycline), calcium phytate, inositol medicine, growth derived sand, organic phosphorus glucoamylase. Food: rice wine, liquor, fruit juices, drinks, beer, yeast, citric acid, vegetable protein, plant density sweet elements, glucose, stevioside, malt sugar, starch, rice flour, corn syrup, gum, carrageenan, monosodium glutamate, spices , butter liquid, oral solution, soy milk, seaweed. Metallurgy: gold, silver, copper, iron ore, rare earth powder, did not get mine. Refining: white oil, sesame oil, light oil, glycerin, machine oil, vegetable oil. Clay: kaolin, Run land, bentonite, clay, electronic ceramic soil. Sewage treatment: chemical wastewater, sewage smelting, electroplating wastewater, leather waste, printing and dyeing wastewater, brewery wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, environmental sewage.