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Shenzhen Arima industrial equipment: filter choice
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Filter should be based on the concentration of suspension, solid particle size, liquid viscosity and quality requirements of the filter selection. First choice of several filter media, the use of experimental determination of the different filter funnel and filter media filtration rate under different pressure, the solid content of the filtrate, residue layer thickness and moisture content, find the appropriate filter, initially selected filter type of filter according to the capacity of the selected area, and verified by the actual test. Operation and note Methods filter operation 1. General filtration plating, because of plating solution containing traces of organic matter, easily contaminated liquid, it is customary to use powdered activated carbon powder will absorb the syrup of organic matter to keep syrup clean. 2. Generally the operator when the filter cleaning, no impurities within the cartridge completely clean, they pass a small amount of residual impurities, when the cartridge is easy when you started with the impurities into the liquid left in the tank, to prevent a result of human negligence in operation, specially designed to provide a circulation loop to facilitate the operation, 3. Instructions: (A). Please install the filter outlet where the plastic, (B). Open the exhaust valve before use (C). Close the exit where the power switch and then start the motor starts running, the gas and liquid into the dosing tank through. (D). Open loop valve, then open the dosing valve, so that liquid in the dosing tank have fixed water level after adding filter aid powder, cyclic 3 minutes before adding the toner recycling activity 3 minutes, when the liquid discharge The same can be discharged with no active toner, (E) the use of test port valve, check fluid cleanliness of direct sampling and the filtering effect (Vi) open the outlet where the latter, tightly closed circulation valve, then close all the exhaust valve, dosing tank, after watching a little and then close all the remaining liquid dosing valve, complete the dosing process to filter the normal degree of filtering, Note filter operation 1. Must first check the exits before use piping is mounted and exits the tube in the tank Fortunately, the entrance is not easy swing. 2. Opening the exhaust valve after the prescription valve, water valve from the dosing tank by dosing into the pump and inlet tube, so that inlet tube filled completely liquid, or open the filter cover to remove the lid, the water from the cartridge injection, the inlet tube completely filled with liquid. 3. Check before starting the motor voltage and motor terminal voltage is used correctly, prevent errors. 4. To start the motor before the first dosing valve lock and then open the exhaust valve, the gas tank this catheter into the dosing. 5. These operations do complete the inspection, start the pump motor starts running, you should pay attention to the direction of the pump operation is correct. 6. The dosing tank of liquid flow through the valve into the pump dosing, the dosing tank with a little liquid left after locking dosing pump inlet valve to prevent inhalation of gas. 7. Filter before use, first check the pressure gauge is filled with water within the membrane, please fill the water and then tighten the pressure gauge, pressure gauge to maintain accuracy. 8. Turn on the power lines should be preceded by checking whether the choice right out: such as: access to and whether any open pipe flow line is correct, the liquid tank of liquid is normal, there is no damage to the piping phenomenon. 9. Operating in hazardous environments or liquid, is dressed in protective clothing and protective masks, safety shoes and socks. 10. Examine the various protection switch. Such as: Where the pipeline, tank liquid level is normal, power protection switch is in the normal operating position.